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 Oct 2017 Ami Shae
There is no chill like autumn's air
to brace a poet's soul.
The thought of chocolate on the stove
speeds up the evening stroll.

My dog must stop to sniff the air
and savor scents afoot.
While I must simply watch my step
and where each one is put.

The signs of Halloween abound
for "Tricks or Treats" is near.
How wonderful to take a walk.
I love this time of year!
 Oct 2017 Ami Shae
Jack Jenkins
cold days returning,
raindrops fall & breeze blows in,
summers light fades out
Been a while since I haiku'd. :)
 Oct 2017 Ami Shae
Star BG
We are
as I and you unwind the programing
fed us to realign with love.

We are the ones
that orchestrate
our life experiences
as we awake to see truth and expand.

We are
to ground with the sacred Mother Earth
and all her allies for peace.

We are
the ones
uncloaking masks and veils
so we know who we are and why we came.

We are
as we discard fears and the matrex's grip
to move free.

We are the ones
the freedom seekers
shifting to connect with
the full power of
our own hearts,
our own dreams,
our own reality.
I heard the words Master of our Destiny and thus the poem was born. Take a look at your life won't you . And start to change with empowering thoughts to disrobe the false jargon that comes from the controlling powers that be. We have been programmed to act a certain way away from our natural state. Programmed by TV media, false news, lies by governments and religion.
God is great but set religions that dictate judgements is not. We are born and meant to expand inside love with compassion for EVERYTHING in ones life because we created it to master the soul.
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