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Do you ever see a picture, and it brings back tons of memories?
You see yourself there again.
Like nothing ever changed.
You remember how you felt in that exact moment.
You remember how happy you were,
how many friends you had at the time.

Do you ever hear a song, and it takes you to a certain time in your life?
You listen cloesely.
You remember how lost you felt.
You remember the people that weren't there for you, but the song was.
You flashback to the nights you spent crying listening to the song.

Do you ever see somebody's name come up and the memories just flood in?
The good times, the laughs, the hugs, the talks, the friendship.
The bad times, the crying, the fighting, the ending of a friendship.

Do you ever get a text and think "wow I'm glad I have you"?
You think how much your life has changed.
How much better things are now.
How much they have helped you.
How happy you are they stepped in.

Looking back at all of the memories, the good and bad memories, definitely don't compare to the new memories being made.
Life is worth living.
 Jan 2016 Charlotte Opdahl
You don’t know who she is.
You only see her face
and hear her name.
But if you really knew her,
you’d know that she’s a fighter.
She spends her days,
overcoming the pain,
not drowning in pills.
She provides for a family,
not for paying men.
She gives the world something more,
instead of taking what isn’t her’s.
She works for a cause,
not for drugs.
A saint among sinners.
A lover among aggressors.
A light among the dark.

— The End —