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i exorcized you from my thoughts
from my heart
you are no longer possessing me
i love him now
i let all the dead things go
turned some into newer and better things
deleted the words i wrote about you
rewrote some and dedicated them to him
i'm not sorry i replaced you
you've done it to me on many occasions
i hope you know you are now a ghost
lingering in my memory no more
all the words you said, forgotten
all those lies you told, learned from them
all those places you touched, i'm loving again
all the broken pieces of my heart, he healed them
forget you
you did nothing good for me
you made me afraid
and he taught me that no matter how ****** a person is
i am still worthy of love
he is the complete opposite of you
a man, not a boy like you
and i know you'll never find someone who will love you as i did
you broke me
my whole being
i love with all of me
and now i get to watch you drown beneath the waves
the end
you'll see what you lost
i can tell you miss me
why else would you ditch your girlfriend to walk with me?
i won't let you back in
i hope you realize you lost me for good this time
and i hope it hurts as much as it did for me
but it won't
because you're heartless
you won't feel a thing
and i really thought i could change you into something more
something better
a good person
but another thing i learned is people don't change
no matter how much you want them to
i don't care about you anymore
all i want now is for you to permanently leave my life
good riddance

to an ex boyfriend
 Nov 2018 OO Akinyele
 Nov 2018 OO Akinyele
i don't know
why i still
look at your

get out of my head

get out of my head


I know a man
who wakes up
every morning, goes out of
his way to preach love to others
and at the end of the night , he has
no one to hold , no one to love him

I know a man
Who goes out of his way
to preach peace to every child
in the neighborhood and at
the end of the night , he Cannot
find peace within himself
He lives in darkness

I know a man
who goes out of his way
to feed the beautiful birds
at his favorite park, and at the end
of the night he has nothing to eat
he goes to bed hungry

I know a man
who goes out of his way
to give his all to everyone
and at the end of the night
all he owns is the clothes
on his back

I know a man
Who served his country
Fought for freedom
For civil rights
So all of us can sleep well
At night , and at
the end of night
He has no home to go to
He sleeps on a bench
at his favorite park

I know a man
who goes out his way
to do everything right
even when nothing is
going right in his own life

I know that  man
and I can only pray
that one day I can be
half of the man that he is


saves the savers ?
gives the givers ?
heals the healers ?
loves the Lover’s ?
do you put your hurts
when your hands are full ?

Allen this one is for you my friend. And brothers and sisters let us please remember what Thanksgiving is truly about... it’s about love , it’s about sharing, it’s about giving a helping hand to the less fortunates , it’s about recognizing the richest blessings , the beauty around us, and water each other. As the temperatures dropping if you cannot provide someone with shelter maybe there’s an extra old comforter somewhere deep in the closet someone like Allen can put to good use. Thank you for reading and may God bless you all and your family doing the holiday seasons and always!

 Sep 2018 OO Akinyele
The road is rough
The times are tough
Feels like hands are tied down with a cuff
The path is stony
The people are phony

But, my consciousness is...
I will make it anyway
I will stay happy all the way
I will remain just, never go astray
Negative words, I won't say
Tomorrow will be a better day!

— The End —