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Aisha Feb 15
we could be queens.
we could have had it all.
we could ride high above the clouds,
watching storms forming
listening for thunders as they growl
and reminding ourselves
to always keep on hoping.

we were soulmates, we were one.
but you went away and left me to fall,
in the worst dark there is.

here i am
trying to comprehend
this new world, my new world
without you.
I fall again.
Aisha Feb 9
what are we without our names?
why do we need our names to be said out loud?
it gives us the feeling of being seen
the feeling of being alive
it makes us exist
after all, what are we without our names?
faces without a voice,
voices without a sound.
words only exist if we say them
written or not
but names... oh, names
our love has a name, our sorrow has a name
the sadness and the grief
the light that shine on our eyes
everything that lives, everything that exists
everything we feel and don't feel
names are the base of everything
even things that are yet to be named.
after all, what are we without our names?
Aisha Feb 9
the only time i feel like myself
is when you're close to me.
touchig you
feeling your skin
is like heaven and **** all together.
loving you
is like a drug
that i never want to be free of.

— The End —