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Abrar Feb 2015
Wave after wave of distress
An ordeal clinging to your chest
With thorns climbing up your neck
Causing a sane man to drown
In a sea of their own stress
Abrar Feb 2015
Music flows
A world flows
My headphones the carriers  
I am the receiver mind, body and soul
For seconds, minutes, hours I ride a high
From note to note, pitch to pitch, rhythm to rhythm I float,
Float into an endless abyss of bliss
My world is colored
What was once black and white,
Is now painted in graceful song.
  Feb 2015 Abrar
I pray my secret won't see the light
I pray my shadow stays hidden from sight
Smile, laugh and pretend as I might
The darkness always comes along with the night
So each night I pray, I pray with my might
I pray for more days with my false delight
Abrar Feb 2015
Rain falls
Trees shake
A storm brims
Hearts quake
Clouds fold
Days haze
Light the sky
Watch it blaze
  Feb 2015 Abrar
Eilis Ni Eidhin
He wove a weary comet streak
That stained the clear blue sky
He had no time to stop and think
But went a hurtling by
He warned of grevious perils
Dormant in coming days
I saw him with a sparkling eye
And watched through bleary haze
Nearing the horizon and eye limit
He turned and cast a wink
At what he loved and no one more
Then only did I blink.
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