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Hello friends & wishing you all a very
An auspicious & prosperous DIWALI.
"You aim always for a new glow for a whole year;
Hard work glows your day for the time
Likewise Light is a glowing nature
It is a hope, faith and light shine in your life,
A Candle glows for an hour;
Matchstick glows for a few seconds;
But a wish glows forever.
Here is my wish for a glowing Diwali and glowing year till next time....
 ..............HAPPY DIWALI............... 
On this auspicious festival of Diwali
I wish & pray that, may everyone Life filled with a Sparking color of happiness & Light of Prosperity. May this world & people of this country live with a calmness & Fortune for love.
Diwali is one of my favorite festival & it is also the festival of light where houses are decorated with candles & many more things, making it a perfect festival, it is also one of the most beautiful festivals celebrated around the world through Indian culture, it seen a metaphor instincts for self-improvement and as well representing for a new beginnings. It involves a strong belief in giving to people in need, and performing every ritual by traditionally, a time for new clothes to be worn & Indian sweets is seen as a varieties of colours and flavours are eaten during the celebrations.
So wish you a happy diwali & May this writing platform of hellopoetry continues as the same mark of living, an originality of making a talent into a magic light.
Again, like every festival I use to mention to invite from my heart to all this cheerful people so I am inviting everyone to be a part of Indian festivals and culture... everyone is most welcome to India..
India is Country to experience different Tradition, with a beauty of joy, beauty of passion, beauty of love , beauty of art & beauty of everything that you have never experienced before...
reality is the real life.. ....

Happy Diwali Hello Poetry..
 Oct 2015 aashay sao
 Oct 2015 aashay sao
and due to unfortunate circumstances, i woke up this morning.
i can't even do that right
Lovely as you,  Beautiful as you, You are Everything of my life..

Close my both eyes
With Yours loving hands!
Is it all that I am suffering,
Under your hand to rest.
                                        And how quiet the pain                                      
Well 'lay no sleep wave
As the last stroke stirs,
Fullest you my whole heart.
You are like a Flower

So sweet and beautiful and pure

I look at you, and sadness

Creeps into my heart.

                                   I feel as if I hands                                        

His head shall put you

Praying that God keep them

So pure and beautiful and charming.
reality of my life & connection of love with you....@hello poetry..
#love #life #Poetry
 Sep 2015 aashay sao
Sarah Spang
I think to be thoughtful
I speak to be heard
I write to decipher
The truth in my words.

I smiled to ensnare you
I laughed to secure
You slipped through the trap
That I built to procure

I kissed to consume you
I hugged to enfold
My arms close on nothing
You're no where to hold

I writhed to entrance you
I clutched you to keep*
Now the place where I hold you
Resides in my dreams.

I write so you'll read this
My hand pens the truth
All that I've written,
I've written for you.
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 Sep 2015 aashay sao
 Sep 2015 aashay sao
i'd take you as medication, but knowing me, i'd probably overdose on you ever so easily
 Sep 2015 aashay sao
You are,
Someone's uncle, someone's son, someone's brother, someone's friend,
I admire the dynamics of all that you are,
But all I want,
Is a glimpse,
Of that what you are,
**For you
 Sep 2015 aashay sao
My words spoke,
My actions spoke,
Deafness was your choice
 Sep 2015 aashay sao
 Sep 2015 aashay sao
If I could be around you for most of my day, I would be.
Because then I'd feel the calmness that washes over me when you're around and my cheeks would hurt in the best of ways -- from smiling too much.
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