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102 · Feb 2019
Running time
Aaditya Feb 2019
Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I come closer to you

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I know I am not the same

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I know I leave something behind

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I lose a second of my life

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I come closer to death.

Tick tock tick tock
With every second that passes
I... was.
Running (out of) time.
95 · May 2019
Aaditya May 2019
It's been days since I woke up
to that soft breezy sunshine
falling over my face, lightening me up.
Her face welcoming with a smile.

Who knew, it would be the last,
the last time I gave rest to my eyes,
Slept like a baby that night,
as she had cuddled up my beside.  

Caffeine my dearest friend,
I hardly ever need you anymore,
Now I stay up, without your help,
Her memory has made me so.

My eyes, you'll see, are red now,
it's not the blood cells, but aether,
which hold the reality stone,
I see things that don't exist either.

I feel tired and worn out, but
Just can't seem to give it a rest,
I can't close my eyes now.
I'll see her in the complete darkness.
89 · Feb 2019
Memories of You
Aaditya Feb 2019
Some things you want to let go.
But it seems hard.
'cause they were happier times.

Some moments you can never regret.
Not worth a disregard.
Still be melodious rhymes.

You can't always be in heaven,
nor is it always hell.
The intersection's all you are in,
That's exactly where you dwell.

It's time to forget. Time to forgive.
To cherish. To really live.
Get going with life. Move on.
'cause after the dark of the night, there shall be dawn.
88 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Do you still love them
for what they are now too or
what they used to be?
Is the new update better?
Or did the old version bring more joy?
87 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
will   be
there     to
make     sure
he's your   king,
to ***** your   life
and club seeds of
happiness for
his queen,
to reap
Dear V,
they're the shiny,
priceless seeds
that come from the
fruit of our destiny.
84 · Jul 2019
The Distant Freedom
Aaditya Jul 2019
More often than not,
I find myself getting lost
in the distant freedom.

Clear and colourful
yet extremely far
and seemingly unattainable.

Even if I am given the powers
to reach out
and hold on to it,  
I am stopped
by the bars
that lock me inside,
which do not
let me out
in the fresh air.

Skies call me,
the clouds approach me,
I can smell the breeze
but I can't fly.

When will I break free?
It matters not
as much as
"how" I would rather.
79 · Jul 2019
Aaditya Jul 2019
Stepping into your aura
little did I know
I will be,
engulfed completely.

You came into my life
like a feeble source of light,
but in time took it up a notch,
illuminating everything around.

Carrying that spark in you,
a mere proximity towards
my tinder-esque nature,
caught me on in your fire.

Burning bright, purely white,
I don't see anything but you.
Lost all senses, slowly slowly,
but I feel everything too.

I am sweating now, naturally;
but wonder why,
these flames
make me shiver too.

I feel blinded at times
by your bursting ambience;
the longest one that happened,
happened for 60 minutes.

I'll be honest, I am **** scared,
but I still love this feeling,
of danger amidst safety,
the beginning, of an adventure.
With you.
78 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
You shall always.


the greatest factor ever


show how an irrational figure

means so much to everyone; nothing exists without you.
π: "Yes, I knew I might outdazzle"
75 · Feb 2019
You vs I
Aaditya Feb 2019
You are the one for me.
But all I keep thinking is,
Now that you are gone
I never deserved you, I know

Still it was so beautiful
Life did have its ups and downs
But I was the happiest with you
You were happy with me

I know how much I meant to you
Even as I was most flawed
You defined perfection to me
You loved me with all your heart.
First attempt on reverse poetry.
71 · Sep 2019
Aaditya Sep 2019
Isn't it rather odd, that we
choose to notice
the less obvious things,
rather than what is beauty.

Clouds spread across
the vibrant blue sky,
hiding the Sun and shading the light,
feels dark as though it's a loss.

Seldom do we realise
the silver lining that shows up,
exquisitely collected together, but
only to the eyes of a wise.

Then there are those rocky roads,
creating hesitations in all of us,
"Walk on it? No way."
"Clearly, Danger, is what it bodes."

Seldom do we realise
the endurance they edify,
needs tries to understand, but
only to the eyes of the wise.

Hear ye, also the crashing waves,
treacherously beguiling,
taking away whatever they touch
instilling fear even in knaves.

Seldom do we realise
their nature indoctrinates
the lessons of fortitude, but
only to the eyes of the wise.

Isn't it rather odd, that we
choose not to notice,
the more obvious things,
which is what is beauty.
70 · Jun 2019
Aaditya Jun 2019
Lost in this darkness,
took the wrong turn.
Was it a mistake I made,
or just an adventure?

An impending tribulation awaits,
unperturbedly I move on further.
Faith in my sense of direction,
the path is still benign, I tread.

Pitch black, I might even be blind,
Or maybe I am stupid instead.
To go through something like this,
Without even a remote assistance.

So I took my favourite jar out,
flying around in it, a whole swarm.
Lighting up everything ahead,
I can definitely not trip down.

I know where I am going,
I am being helped. But I think,
I take their freedom in turn,
That needs to change, now.

"Let this be my last adventure,
you have done great", I say.
I open the lid of the jar,
out came all the tiny light bulbs.

Fly away dear ones,
I owe you the most.
But I must go alone now,
The onus is mine to endure.

All of them got out,
out of the jar they went.
I knew I'd be left with none,
In the jar. With me. None...
66 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Everyday we see new people.
People walking around,
brushing past us.
We see them go.

Can't deny, at times a certain woman
in an amazing black dress
or one in a ***** outfit
catches more than just your attention.

One may say, somebody has got
a little crush on a stranger.
Seeing people together makes you
want to be with someone.

And then, you go home,
ready to sleep at night
playing a certain song
to help you sleep.

There she is,
in front of your eyes,
as always,
every time you close them,
she appears.

She never leaves your sight,
as she dwells there itself.
That face,
however far away, is crystal clear.
That face,
is all you ever need.

However long
you need to wait,
however hard
you need to work, to get her
and however far
she seems to be,
she will be yours, you'll see.

The face behind
"Wonderful Tonight",
I'll be waiting for you


I just

can't help


in love


66 · Jul 2019
Aaditya Jul 2019
In life,
you'll come across
some things,

that shall
make your heart
race faster.

It may seem like
is chasing
after you,

but turns out,
your heart
is chasing something instead.
65 · Mar 2019
House of Cards
Aaditya Mar 2019
Brick by brick you helped me make it.
In every brick, had all the love.
They stood strong together, quite high,
and soaring skies above.

So engrossed and lost, to realise
how quickly the time had flown,
because you had left by then,
as everything came crumbling down.
65 · Jun 2019
I M m u t a b l e
Aaditya Jun 2019
My feelings are flowing down,
like how the water washes away
the dirt that stuck on you
after happily playing in the mud.

Oh rain, why have you come?
Go away and bring back the Sun.

My emotions are vaporizing,
like how the heat evaporates
the dew that forms
after a pleasant, chilly dawn.

Oh Sun, why do you glow?
Go away and bring me the snow.

New memories accumulate in me,
like how the white icy flakes
settle on you consistently
on a cold winter night.

I am done asking for change,
Rest is what I crave now.
Can nothing be constant here?
I wonder.

The Autumn shall tell,
when the leaf will wither,
turning brown and lifeless.
When it falls, peace will be there.
64 · Mar 2019
Beach Reverendus
Aaditya Mar 2019
Sea shells washing ashore,
struggling back to you, while
***** crawl sideways,
away from you, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.

The golden light of sunset
kissing my face fervently,
the smell of fishes is definitely
nugatory here, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.

The loud chatter of people
can be silenced by the sound
of your waves crashing and hitting
the shore, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.

The sands treating my feet softly,
the breeze sprinkling salty mist in my hair,
I close my eyes and I find solitude
with joy, O majestic sea,
I bow down to thee.
64 · Mar 2019
Art of Deception
Aaditya Mar 2019
L    o    o    k
                         a    s
                                         i    f
                                         a    r    e
           o    f

B    e
               a    s          t    h    o    u    g    h
64 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
ubtYouhph ydgwillsjf
wtcneverjgh pdzknowqlm

plihowtgk pqkmuchadg pldImnz
kxnstillzmn esnloveprg bksyouwwt,

vsdaslwd qurIazb pldwillmbc
qplnevermzx tcwshowcbs.
Speech isn't hard
to understand
when you hear
what you expect.
63 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Letting you go was unwise.
Wish I could take back now.
Wilting spring and summer snow,
the whole world's upside down.

An aftermath of contrition,
seemingly an endless pain.
Yearning for happiness, like
seeking rainbows without rain.
I know not,
what to do next,
Can't stop myself,
from calling or text.
61 · Jun 2019
Struggle (to keep up)
Aaditya Jun 2019
The sands of time keep falling like rain
drowning me in their dunes, hot and arid
Like a worn out traveller I yearn for water
Thirsty, from wandering aimlessly.

It seems like darkness is taking over,
Expectations arise with time,
In turn inundates me further,
Needing someone to keep me afloat.

It's a foreign land, I thought,
So much struggle to stay alive.
Never realised when I got here,
But home it has been, all this while.

Things have changed so drastically,
Life hasn't been the same as it was.
Ease is a luxury I can't seem to afford,
Pain is the misery I am left to endure.
61 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Life isn't fair.
So one can't always say,
everything happens for the best.
You never know what may come, but
expect the worst in life.
Stay positive and never
having regrets, is stupid.
Life will teach hard lessons, but
Sometimes it may get unbearable,
thinking it's time to quit.
It may sometimes help, to go on
But the utmost truth is,
Life is absolutely cruel, they say.
Life - yay or nay?
61 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
When you stop seeing me,
There will not be darkness taking over,
The colours shall not fade away
And nights will also be as bright as my day.

When you stop talking to me,
Silence will not be dreaded at all,
Music will not stop flowing around me,
And the songs will always be there to give me company.

When you are gone,
I'll be alright and I will not be a mess.
Sadness won't be prominent and it won't feel heavy.
Stay happy wherever you are and just remember me.
I am there for you.
But I don't feel you anymore.
61 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
'H-Cl' is in your belly.
'H-S-H' is very smelly.
'O=O' gas we need for life.
'Na' can be cut by knife.
and 'Cl' with 'Na' makes
Salt for mum for food she bakes.
'He' gas will rise up high,
and lifts balloons into the sky.
Gold and Silver make you glad,
as gifts from Mom and Dad.
You call magic a mystery,
for me its all Chemistry.
(from the archives... 10 years ago)
59 · Jul 2019
Aaditya Jul 2019
Fingerpicking on my guitar
is my strongest suit, and yet
I am unable to recreate
the sound of your cackle.

Diverse rhythms, tunes all over,
wish to hear 'em all day, and yet
will never be able to remember
the variations in your laughter.

It makes me happy, I smile
while I look at you, and yet
you'll never know I am there,
as I am just another somebody.

I may even be a nobody right now,
extant but unimportant, and yet
I know someday, everyday I will
be treated with your melodious chuckle.
54 · Mar 2019
An ironic paradox
Aaditya Mar 2019
You try to take control
that's when everything
out of control...
...about life.
53 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Mother, Sister,
Wife, Friend,
Great Grandmother,
Aunt, Daughter,
Niece, Granddaughter,
Great Granddaughter,
Girlfriend, Lover,
Crush, Ex,
Colleague, Boss,
and all the women
who are gonna come
in the future.
With lots of love, always.
51 · Sep 2019
Fret Not
Aaditya Sep 2019
Fret not
for the cloudy sky hides
the beauty of the Sun
as it doesn't like to be
the centre of attention.

Fret not
the sombre mornings
that don't lighten up the day
as they simply save you
from excess light.

Fret not
for great beginnings may
raise your expectations
while a dreary dawn defines
the true nature of life.
50 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
For whom will I buy
those precious little
gifts of trinkets
that I had always got
for you, all this time?
I will never stop doing that.
47 · Feb 2019
Obverse Observations
Aaditya Feb 2019
Your bravery,
scares me.

Your being strong,
makes me weak.

Your confidence
demoralises me.

Your leaving away,
makes me stay.
But if you are happy, so shall I be.
45 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
Dangling along the ledge
towards a deep dark ditch,
an aftermath of your action.
With seering pain flowing
through me and within me,
want to jettison this affliction.
Will you pull me up,
or do you
love me enough
to let me go?
45 · Mar 2019
The artist
Aaditya Mar 2019
I have seen
how amazing
you are, in creating art
but you shall never be
as great as
the One
who created
You, are a masterpiece.
43 · Feb 2019
The Smudge
Aaditya Feb 2019
Between those carefully penned words
fell a drop of ink by accident.
Words faded with time, but
the smudge was permanent.
43 · Nov 2019
Dirty Reflections
Aaditya Nov 2019
I see you're beautiful,
though I am not,
I yearn to be you,
but here I rot.

I'll not let people,
see you through me,
because you are,
what I never could be.

Only I am to be blamed,
for what I am now,
consistently managed,
to let you down.

Clean up, I have to,
it's about **** time,
like you, I have to be,
charming and sublime.

There shall come a day,
I'll shine bright and blue;
I haven't given up on me,
and neither should you.
42 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
When I look at you,
my heart races like a galloping horse
Everything except you is a blur
and I feel like I had the strongest liquor.

When I talk to you,
classical music takes over my mind
The melody of your voice talking back
fills colours to everything white and black.

When I am around you,
the smell of jasmine fills the space
Time flows slowly just like honey
and the season of spring takes over within me.
I am far away from you,
But I can feel you. Here.
42 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
An argument ensued
between the two people
who knew each other
better than anyone else.

Every point put forth, made
more sense than the other's
No one was wrong, but
both weren't right either.

How was one supposed to
come to a conclusion now?
Hardly anyone realised, that
all that mattered was to talk it out.

The more they conversed,
the clearer the picture seemed.
The right choice made eventually,
there couldn't be a better team.
You always need someone
to talk to, that someone is
always there with you.
For you, in you.
40 · Mar 2019
Aaditya Mar 2019
Had our life go its way
Choices made so silly
It mattered not where we reach
We care is the journey.

Created it the way we like
Loved the way we had it paint
Blue grass and green skies
and we shall do it again.

Reminded by a 5 by 7
The photograph had us all
Tattered and uneven though
the memories stayed tall.
39 · Feb 2019
Aaditya Feb 2019
There's more music
in white noise
than the sound
of your voice
Dynamic Change.
33 · Feb 2019
A message...
Aaditya Feb 2019
Along the seashore, as he was

moving through the sands,
encountered this exquisite
shiny green demijohn, corked
snugly with a small piece of
an old, dry parchment in it.
getting excited, he pulled the
extra tight spile open. Taking

it out of the bottle, spreading
nicely the curled up paper, on

a dry space he could find, he

began reading the words scrawled
on it. The paper read, "Whomsoever,
this paper shall find, shall simply
throw it back into the sea. Humour."
lacking clarity, he did as was told
exactly. Bottled the message into the sea. a bottle

— The End —