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raven arcane Dec 2023
we were but strangers
that happened to cross paths
I saw you staring
and I couldn’t help but look back
a mere encounter
that didn’t form any wonders
only a red thread
that signifies this is not the end.
fate has a playful way of doing things
for I saw you once more,
and another time,
and another time.
the same face,
the same stare.
anticipation filled
the next encounter.
life seems so exciting,
without knowing the after,
staying in the safe zone
of the unknown.
or so I tried to convince myself,
for my heart could not take the baritone
of your first “hello.”

2019. merry christmas :)
raven arcane Jun 2021
deep in the night,
tranquility never looked more beautiful.
with the sea calm and unwavering,
the wind that seems to be singing;
you are the calming light.

deep in the night,
chaos never looked more beautiful.
to the waves playing push and pull,
and the merciless wind that's resounding;
you in the midst, indisputably astounding.

deep in the night,
and everything in between,
the waves that crashes with its might,
and the wind faintly in tune,
in contrast to the chaos and the serene;
you are still here, my moon.

I will always be captivated by the moon.
feb 3 2021
raven arcane Apr 2019
saw you in the arms of another
enough years have past
that I can genuinely say I'm happy for you
but I guess the hollow numbness in my chest still believed,
that we would be together in the end.

a blurb idk

I want to go back to writing poems that actually rhyme
  Mar 2019 raven arcane
thank god i can’t write good poetry
the best poetry comes from pain and hurt if you ask me
so although i can’t write like i used to
at least it means i’m doing alright
hurting is healing
raven arcane Oct 2018
you have come to me
been crying over spilled milk
it was ironic
for you are the cause, the one
who recklessly pushed the glass

It has been so long since I've last written, now my "skills" became rusty. Another Japanese poetry yay
raven arcane May 2018
A devil's game.
And I, have been playing too long.
It has no set of rules,
It seemed impossible to lose.
I thought, what could go wrong?
But to my surprise,
As I play the game twice too many,
It is always me against I
A game played against myself.
So so silly, yet I'm convinced
Of this absurdity.
I haven't been writing lately though I wish I am
  Apr 2018 raven arcane
Fleeting moment...
It was peace.

It was a brief moment
that seemed like
it was meant only for me.

It was a moment that saw
a sliver of a sickle moon,
accompanied by a band of stars
that never did twinkle.

It wasn’t dark.
The sun hadn’t completely left...
But they asserted their presence
with such eagerness and fervour -
bent on letting me know they’re there,
in that moment...
Seemingly just for me.

And I drank it up.
In a single gulp.
Because that was how brief
that moment was...


In that fleeting moment...
I was happy.
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