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iano May 2020
It breaks the heart
All these poets
Lost in translation

iano Jun 2020
Is this your work
You beautiful *******
  To do for life
what life cannot do
for itself
iano May 2020
We share
The same blue paint
On our creating hands
My love for her
Is the truest thing
I know

iano Jun 2020
egg shells
like bells
in a silent world

eyes shut tight

beyond the window
birds have eggs
     in their open

yet egg shells must break
risk must take

for life's

I have never been the victim of domestic abuse. I have however seen my nearest and dearest suffer.
iano May 2020
Everyone loves you
at first light

Then expectation
births boredom

Its a cruelty
we cant help

iano Jun 2020
after all these


it still hurts
when I disappoint
iano May 2020
of my pain
i can only tell
on its passing

when it is
a boiling stillness
its the safest way

iano May 2020
Back then
Way back when
When we were young
And the world was new
When we were young
Way back when
Back then

iano Jun 2020
There have been

I have felt


To live
Or die

iano May 2020
Its not that I never knew
The fearless truth
I just let her go
In my need for proof

She used to fill my days
And weave my dreams
But answers for critics
Won me over it seems

I panic now
My memory has lost her face
The facts of life sit without song in her place

So I walk the world
Knowing more and more
But without her courage
And increasingly unsure


— The End —