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  Nov 2017 ZT
Michael Kusi
All I wanted
Was to be the blue crayon.
But they said
That I could not.
Because they were painting sunsets
They were painting the moonlight.
They wanted me to be red.
They wanted me to be orange.
They even said I could be yellow.
But no blue.

I said that the blue crayon
Is in the box for a reason.
And I will take up that cause.
Because you just want to draw moments.
I want to highlight seasons.
Because every day needs my color
It is most of the time
So it should be most of the page.
Although every day ends with your colors
Every day starts with mine.
And my blue essence only grows as time goes on.
ZT Nov 2017
I don't wanna be with sick people
They make me sick
They carry those diseases
Who knows where they acquired

I don't wanna be with sick people
they make me sick
They're chained by hope
Believing they can hold on to life

I don't wanna be with sick people
they make me sick
They suffer and Suffer
Just to live a little bit longer

I don't wanna be with sick people
They make me sick
They're alive then not
Living and then suddenly leaving

The Truth is
Even if you are sick
I want to be with you
Call me selfish, even if you suffer
I want you to live a little bit longer
Don't look at me with those eyes that lost hope
Don't whisper goodbyes into my ears

I can take care of you
You can make me sick too
Just live
and don't leave
Sometimes I think to myself, what if my most important person becomes sick? like terminally ill and is suffering from that. Should I just pull the plug or hold on to hope and continue to see his pain? Logically, the answer should be to pull the plug, coz it will end his suffering and cutting extra losses on your account. But If were going to consider the feelings.. I think I would be selfish and hold on to that hope of survival. how about you guys? what would you do?
ZT Nov 2017
A wall stands before me
I do not know what lies beyond
I remember what's behind me
But I can never turn back

A bird sings into the distance
A dog barks along the chorous
They're telling me something
But I can never understand
Just like how
I can never see
what lies beyond
The great wall that stands before me
ZT Nov 2017
I can only remember
to cherish it when it's gone
I can only remember
how I loved it when it's lost
There are just things you realize its worth when its gone
ZT Nov 2017
When you read a story
and it ends short
you are left hanging
you are disappointed

When you read a story
and it ends long
even the problems has been resolved
you are still disappointed

you've already lived through the story
every main character is a friend
every nemesis is an enemy of your own
you wanted to see every characters story
but your time is not enough
the story has been too long
it must end

even when short or prolonged
even when hanging or solved
still leaves a sad longing
at the end
  Nov 2017 ZT
A flower picked
may be short-lived,
but its birth
and death
was meant
to celebrate
this event,
of having courage
to love again.
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