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I want to have you, yet I cannot take you.
I want to leave you, yet I am bounded to you.

To slowly be torn piece by piece,
to forever be tortured in the midst of joy.

To forever be shrouded in blood,
amidst a field of white roses.

To be forever dying,
in the arms of unrequited love.
Is it better to leave and break a bond, or continue walking plastered with a fake smile?

The latter seems fine by me.
Listening to her.

Feels as if i'm listening to a voice,

which is coming from a distant star.

I can always hear it,

but i cant ever hope to reach it.
i've spent years being unable to hold that sweet voice with my arms.
Until i finally gave up..
As the never ending sunset scorched the sky.
The ever-shoring ship circles around aimlesly through the sea.
I gaze through this lighthouse of mine, basking upon the perpetual beauty of the world.
I feel locked away in this tiny lighthouse, yet i have never felt so free in the open sky.

Thats what love is i guess.

A perpetually enigmatic feeling.
You will never lock me away, because a heart in love is always free. You will never set me free, as a heart in love is a prison of its own.
one word depicts the deep and hollow feelings unto which the human senses cannot touch.

teardrops flowing down her cheeks.
words too hollow to even speak.
eyes that are no more but once proud.
surrounds you when alone and finds you in a crowd.
dissipating footsteps of a departing friend.
wishing for everything to just end.

it'll not listen to the pleads of the broken heart.
it'll stay and torment until anew comes and shatters it apart.

while we wait for hauntings to befall.
one word. loneliness. represents all.
Being alone does not implicate loneliness, and vice versa.

— The End —