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I wish
For one day
That when I woke up
And looked in the mirror
As I caught a glimpse of myself
I could truly believe
I was pretty
I wish
When you let someone in, they can let you down.
And when you get let down, you fall.
You fall hard and it hurts.
It hurts to feel that you were betrayed.
It hurts to know that someone you had trusted only told you lies.
It hurts to realize that you were stupid.
You opened yourself up, took down your walls for someone.
Someone you thought would be there for you.
But it turns out that they weren't.
So you fell.
And it hurt.
And no one is there to help you get back up.
Except you.
Sometimes you is all you have.
And sometimes you have to be enough.
Headlines filled with heartbreaking news,
Full of fear from seeing all there is to lose.
Innocent people losing their lives every day,
Mind becoming numb, running out of prayers to say.

Leaders of our country not protecting its people,
Stop turning a blind eye to the source of all this evil.
Caring more about guns than the safety of loved ones,
Sick of witnessing what this country has become.

Policies are rejected, the crisis is neglected,
Our right to live remains vastly unprotected.
An issue much bigger than opposing political sides,
The time is now, time to fight for our lives.
I keep expecting something different,
Keep hoping to see a change.
I'm searching for the warmth of sun,
But all I feel is bitter rain.
I see the world as black and white,
Everything has its place.
But when I am in your presence,
My vision turns to gray.

My perceptions - off,
My morals - lost,
My heart, a blur of emotion.
My mind, like a deep chasm, wide open,
Tumultuous and raging like a stormy ocean.

And you cause all this commotion.
Cover up your secrets and insecurities
Keep yourself hidden from reality
Conceal your vulnerability from the world outside
Draw your curtains closed, keep everything inside
WritinginStars Aug 2017
My heart starts beating fast
I keep wishing the moment would last
Seconds, minutes, hours?
I guess they all pass
When I see you.
I can't even look at you
My eyes dart around the room
Checking if anyone else can see
What your meer presence does to me.
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