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Amelia May 2020
Fallen stars are not a disgrace
you've come this far, never displaced.

Hold on to me
that's all I ask
you've seen my hurt and
I've felt your agony

You're a soul that slumbers alone
let me strum your veins
(like the Gretsch White Penguin guitar)
hear your words, sing your song

Hold on to me
that's all I ask
I've seen your hurt
and you've felt my agony

we can be each other's sanctuary,
a place of sheltered peace and less worry

We held on to each other
through all the storms
you've tasted my tenderness
I've drowned in your comfort

Your heart catches fire
in the dead of winter
as your lungs fill up with whispered
hopes and splintered dreams
beckoning for you to come home

Come home to me
(Come home.)
When your soul knows...
  Oct 2019 Amelia
f e e l i n g s
my heart aches for you in ways that it shouldn't.
you were my breath of fresh air and all of a sudden i couldn't breathe.
tell my why you made so many promises you knew you could not keep.
have you already forgotten me?
my love, i'm drowning in your silence,
please tell me it was real.
  Aug 2019 Amelia
A B Faniki
I may not have the rivers of Babylon,
To sit beside them and weep when I
Remember you, my dear mother;
But may I too never be able to
Write poems or recite them again
If I do not remember you,
If I do not think of you as
My greatest joy!
For my late mother .
Amelia May 2019
Your love DNA
Already seeped
Into my skin, sweetheart.
It’s the aftermath
That was hanging around
Amelia Feb 2019
It's not that I can't live without you,
It's just that I don't even want to try
Since the first day, my words have rung true
I never could utter a lie

Baby, if I only knew the words to say
To make this right between us
If I can sweep this feeling of doubt away
And find a way to rebuild the trust

If I don’t run, you’ll work on the rebuild
If I run, you won’t beg me to stay
So, I stand still
Willing the tears to go away

You say you’ll turn back time
To find a way back to my heart
Truth is you were never mine
And I was never yours to play this part

Instead, I fall to my knees
I beg and plead
Wishing you hadn’t lied to me
Causing my heart to bleed.

Do I stay?
Do I turn my back?
Or let this love decay?
Or give this love a chance to get out of black?
I am working through some personal things with my Twin Flame(Twin Soul). It's so hard to find the words to explain when your soul meets their other half; Their mirror.
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