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Dec 2019
Memory is torture.
Hurting in the present while visiting the past.
Even dreams are torment.
Dreams if night and those we had.

Tulip of Ubar, let no one else pluck you out.
I am still rooted alongside you.
Unsure of what I want.
I am split in half.

I want the Tulip and Rose.
The Sparrow and the Robin.
I want it all.
But I also want none.

One belongs to another.
One belongs to no one.
And where do I belong?
Which way out of Limbo?

I see you both in my dreams.
One more prominent then the other.
One less seductive yet more emotional. rest. Just tension.

Odin had his ravens.
Thought and Memory.
I have mine aswell;
Torture and Torment.
Winter Sparrow
Written by
Winter Sparrow  22/M/Malta
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