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 Jul 2015 V Anna
Summer dawns
 Jul 2015 V Anna

Summer dawns
just beyond
the screen door,
across the porch
Dew swept lawn,
emerald weave
shimmering moisture
collecting foot prints
strolling towards

An arched entryway
gingerbread trimmed
covered in jasmine
alive with rainbow
flutterings of
butterfly wings
partaking of
nature’s pure nectar  

Beneath it a
flagstone walkway,
abstract stones,
assorted shapes
and patterns
meandering through
lavender and hollyhock,
daisies and tulips

And upon it
you and me,
hand in hand
watching the sunrise
wash the sky
in floral hued quivers
as we welcome the
*morning together…
Good morning beautiful
 Jul 2015 V Anna
Like their story,
When we met
It was magical
As if fate brought
Us together.

Like their fairy tale,
We danced
And swayed
As if we will
Always be together.

But unlike theirs,
We were given
More than the hours
Before midnight
Never happily ever after.
When fate gives us just one chance.
 Jul 2015 V Anna
 Jul 2015 V Anna
Lights are entities that guides us
Through the hardest
Through the blackest nights
Through the darkness abyss

Rupturing every enmity
Emmiting hope rendering malevolence
Stagnant beliefs alive in flames of miracles
Sparks of faith burnt in hays of hollows
Igniting the ones who lost hope
Believing again,
Living life to the fullest

**Souls returned to their nests,
Finally home.
Believe in hope.
Lights will guide you home.
 Jun 2015 V Anna
Ranger Rick
Thank God, for eyes.
I see twenty-twenty
through written lies.
I just think it's funny
to see hypocrites squirm.
Hot in their seats their on trial.
Some people never learn.
God understands. That's denial.
But what do I know?
I'm only human.
I find a new low,
daily depression.
Jesus took brother.
So thank God! *******.
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