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5774 days ago,
You appeared in my night,
365 days ago,
You came back within sight,
122 days ago,
Suddenly you chose to escape,
Leaving me alone
With memories to reshape.
Now I sit
Next to the old olive tree,
Counting its rings,
One, two, three...
You know how
I'm patient
And life has shown,
So resilient.
One day, maybe
You'll send a sign
And again,
Let our hearts entwine.*

In the
jungle of affairs
cheaters run the fastest.
The wind is left flustered.
Dears turn to prey when their
tales are painted in pane,
while the hungry eyes peak
Pieces of hearts shaped
by the bleeding vane,
breed dismay.
There, the blind ******
scene on the road to heal again!
broken Hearts and healing souls sometimes the healing souls are the heartbreakers
# double entendre # triple entendre
it's me.
the real me.
leaving without evidence.
leaving as if nothing happened.
It's me.
don't worry.
in a situation like this, I have to put on something useful.
to ease the pain.
to forget my mistakes.
wearing it again.
it feels nostalgic.
the mask.
very useful.
show the fake until everything is normal again.
deep inside my heart is beating painfully.
i can't expect anything anyway.
It's not something I have to fight.
I'm just expecting....
expecting too much.
And it hurts. it hurts so much that I feel numb.
same pain for the last years - the pain of leaving.
no, maybe the pain of being unloved, insecure, ignored and.....
Maybe i love him so much that leaving is the hardest thing to do now.
If I will not do the right thing, I'll just feel this pain over and over again.
or let this mistake become right??

what to do? what to do?
 Apr 2015 Chansee Williams
You had your chance
I gave you time
You gave me rhyme
I went away
You didn't ask me to stay
I found someone new
He is someone you knew
He's been my friend
Loved me till the end
Now I love him too
And I'm over you
You could **** a man
     with eyebrows like that.
Lips so pink
I would drink
     my fill
if I could.
The curve of your face
     more precious
          than the curvature
                of the earth.
The hair that
      falls down your back
could be woven to cloth
      just as you
are woven throughout
            my dreams.
Tonight, when I
      dream of you
(as I know I will),
I only hope
          you will look
     at least half
              as beautiful
as you do right now.

— The End —