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Brian Yule May 2021
Six degrees below
Planetary motion shifts hues
Sunlight blues scattered
Splattering a blood halo haze
Across the swift darkening scene
Brian Yule May 2021
Aging jailbird freed
Deprived of vintage hardship
Shaping new hollows
Brian Yule May 2021
Nightfall's halting progress
Nightingale alights on lush gorse
Faint glint of lamplight on beak
From shed door left ajar
Within, the gentle thrum of lathing
The soft mirth of shared labour
Hushed air atingle
Twilight stutters
& fades
A hedgehog snuffles
Brian Yule Apr 2021
Vacant lot
Cement dust & foundations
Left unbuilt on
When the bubble burst
Brian Yule Mar 2021
Fabulist am I
Then you're the fable
A lie that I devised to keep us stable
When wild lust finally died there wasn't much left
We felt, peaked, then denied, bereft of clarity
How much was hope
How much charity
Who knows, but this much is clear
If there's an untruth here
We are
Brian Yule Mar 2021
Evil I did?
Maid I am
Adam mine
Denied is one man
I lived dogma
I am god?
I name no side in Eden
I'm mad?
A maid I am
Did I live?
This is a palindromic poem inspired by the "madam, I'm Adam" palindrome. The individual parts of the poem are in common circulation, all I've done is to weave them together into a narrative.
Brian Yule Feb 2021
the sky void of light
city sprawl stole its shimmer
ever present glow
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