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3.1k · Mar 2019
Yours Sincerely
Brian Yule Mar 2019
When they look back on me

Let them all swear

He always stole diligently

Oft-times unawares

& If he plucked on your heartstrings

Another man's chords

He only piggybacked to reach higher
2.9k · Feb 2019
Haiku: Sullen Roar
Brian Yule Feb 2019
Side-eyed into silence
She settled for a sour stare
Tongue-tied defiance
1.9k · May 2021
Brian Yule May 2021
Six degrees below
Planetary motion shifts hues
Sunlight blues scattered
Splattering a blood halo haze
Across the swift darkening scene
764 · May 2021
Garden, Dusk
Brian Yule May 2021
Nightfall's halting progress
Nightingale alights on lush gorse
Faint glint of lamplight on beak
From shed door left ajar
Within, the gentle thrum of lathing
The soft mirth of shared labour
Hushed air atingle
Twilight stutters
& fades
A hedgehog snuffles
749 · Mar 2019
Somewhere I Sat
Brian Yule Mar 2019
That’s my old chair
The one I used to doze in
While Mr Parker droned on ‘bout maths & that
I was gonna sit down front near Kerry Keener
But in the end I thought, nah, better not, so here I sat

You see, just here, my keychain scraped the plastic
As I ragged around to try & find a comfy spot
& that bit there got scuffed
The more my trainers rubbed it
I never could sit sensible
So they said

That armrest there snapped clean off when Matty Parker
Went arsefirst backward over it, farting on,
We laughed our backs off that time, Matty too like
It’s a few years now that Matt’s been dead & gone

& round the back there
Do you clock the “I heart Lisa”
Jason compass-scrawled once before class, the cheeky ****
He knew I had a soft spot for that Lisa
I made ******’ sure that Jase was out of luck

I haven’t seen that Lisa in a fair while
Jason neither like, funny how life goes
Still, you close one door, another waits ajar like
Sit still too long you won’t go far like, I suppose
654 · Aug 2021
Brian Yule Aug 2021
Then we who have lost
Wove together willow strands
Grew shaded solace
611 · Jun 2021
Bound for Valparaíso
Brian Yule Jun 2021
Night falls, cape rounded
From deck we gaze on Fuego's
Haloed afterglow
553 · Mar 2019
Dial M for Masochism
503 · Apr 2021
Brian Yule Apr 2021
Vacant lot
Cement dust & foundations
Left unbuilt on
When the bubble burst
Brian Yule Mar 2019
Trash talk
Constant bickering
Insults & snide retorts
These gobshites never give it a rest
Must be home
427 · Mar 2021
Sir, I'm Eve
Brian Yule Mar 2021
Evil I did?
Maid I am
Adam mine
Denied is one man
I lived dogma
I am god?
I name no side in Eden
I'm mad?
A maid I am
Did I live?
This is a palindromic poem inspired by the "madam, I'm Adam" palindrome. The individual parts of the poem are in common circulation, all I've done is to weave them together into a narrative.
406 · Jun 2021
Fire Rose
Brian Yule Jun 2021
Fire rose in the wood
A sudden flowering bloom
From Summer's dry depths
By lightning pollinated
Spreading seeds of choking ash
332 · Jul 2021
Kitchen, Christmas morning
Brian Yule Jul 2021
Crushed thyme & rosemary
The mountain of spuds fresh peeled
Leave sapped arms aching
Granny still fussing over
All dinner's little just so's
324 · Feb 2021
Brian Yule Feb 2021
the sky void of light
city sprawl stole its shimmer
ever present glow
314 · Mar 2019
5er #2: Exit Strategy
Brian Yule Mar 2019
Last day
Change is tugging
Exchanging digits though
Moving on don't mean we can't stay in...
Where'd she go?
311 · Dec 2019
Erstes Weihnachten
Brian Yule Dec 2019
Homeland long seas back
Glühwein shared, ornaments hung
Seeds of heimat placed
276 · Mar 2019
Acorns in Absentia
Brian Yule Mar 2019
Acorns in absentia
Adorn the barren field
Ungathered post the autumn fall
Unsprouted seed beyond recall
Withered where once was wherewithal
In accord with the fallow yield

And will the bare earth reignite
Weedwild and verdant, full of fight  
Second wind, second sight,
Some forgotten, refracted beam of light
In shifting dust revealed

Some autumnal hymnal hummed
Will popping fruit to fullripe come
Once this lull’s long hurt is healed
This restless tomb unsealed

For now
Acorns in absentia
Adorn the barren field
With thanks to Ms. Francesca Ruffo for her casual museship.
261 · Apr 2019
The Pursuit of Happiness
258 · Mar 2019
A Wedding Gift
Brian Yule Mar 2019
A handsome gift
Not on the wedding list
Elegantly packaged
Glass figurine
Bride & groom
Entwined in first dance
Wrapped up in each other
On the box's base
Clear but concealed
Repeated exposure to heat & cold
Can expose invisible cracks
257 · Aug 2021
Brian Yule Aug 2021
Umbrella tangos
With a long-faded Cubs cap
In the sudden gale
Halestruck street swift abandoned
Stray dog their sole spectator
238 · Aug 2020
Brian Yule Aug 2020
Gazing down
I see this dull blade drew blood
Dial blind as ache lulls
Defy ease as life oozes free
Don’t lie down
Don’t sleep
Keep fear sharp
As faint creeps the soothing deep
Passions eked
Awareness do not forsake me
Come on
Come on
I stare vague at the mess where my wrist used to be
Which emergency?
Ambulance please
Consciousness bleeds
I wake with cool linen covering me
228 · Mar 2019
5er #3: Catching
Brian Yule Mar 2019
Pay dirt
Eyes her target
Sit just so & sit tight
Let him think that he's the hunter, then
******* fish
219 · Apr 2019
Brian Yule Apr 2019
Babes have hit puberty hard

Since we were entwined

& most days

I don't even think of you

& some days

I can't even call

The contours of your face to mind


When I dream

Obscure dreams

Vivid dreams

Humdrum dreams

Surreal dreams

Foolish dreams

My lover


                             is always you
210 · Aug 2021
Brian Yule Aug 2021
Breath held short
Dare I tread
One step further
Put forth serene
But as the threshold approached
My smooth pulse quickened
Grew erratic
Sharing these dreads unspoken
The just-beyond unknown
To trust that these bonds, yet unbroken, will hold
Or to fold, shed this chance to have grown
206 · Sep 2020
Green Season
Brian Yule Sep 2020
Sultry days
Lustrous beads
Drip from hanging papaya
Glistening like
Amber teardrop earrings
204 · Mar 2019
Keep your eye on the balls
Brian Yule Mar 2019
Shadowboxing with a dead man as a massacre stills  

Fingerdancing to smoke & mirror the masses

Whistling frantic in the gathering dark to steady the ranks

Faith trumps facts

A strong man acts

Greasepaint thick

Growing cracks

A flailing will can kick up sparks

Keep squeezing shills

Catch easy marks

Throw enough show & something will stick

That's shitbusiness!
197 · Oct 2020
The Depths
Brian Yule Oct 2020
Vacant mirror
Arid pen
Sallow silence

Naked page
Swallowed minutes from
Borrowed hours

Cave's former roar
Sunken stream
Struck dumb

Wallow in
Parched flow
As hollow grows

Sin hallow
Burrow deeper
Into ashes

Seeking signs
Of dew saved
From the drought
196 · Sep 2020
Might we not linger
Brian Yule Sep 2020
Might we not linger
Longer here a while
Within this silken web we've woven
All yester's threads cling soft
The spindle, rusted & golden, lies
This finifugal hold dead hopes oft have
Time's sinews blinkering prospecting eyes
Might we not linger
Convenience sighs
185 · Jan 2021
Brian Yule Jan 2021
Frost burns through thin gloves
Fallen jackpine bars the way
The search continues
Refused light by day-shy dawn
By lamplight I hack branches
183 · Jul 2021
Brian Yule Jul 2021
I thought I saw you reflected
In a passerby's sunglasses
The other day
Of course I knew
It couldn't be you
I see fragments
Of the wish of you
Most everywhere I go
I know it's not you
Couldn't be
My wayward mind
Will insist on slotting you
Into every half-seen corner
179 · Mar 2021
Brian Yule Mar 2021
Fabulist am I
Then you're the fable
A lie that I devised to keep us stable
When wild lust finally died there wasn't much left
We felt, peaked, then denied, bereft of clarity
How much was hope
How much charity
Who knows, but this much is clear
If there's an untruth here
We are
176 · Feb 2021
Brian Yule Feb 2021
erasing winter
brash spring sings of forever
winter bides its time
176 · Mar 2019
Nietzsche: 6-letter poem #1
174 · Feb 2020
Didn't You Hear It‽
Brian Yule Feb 2020
Didn't you hear it
Insistent pounding
A distant rave
Or, more like, thrumming
A steady motor
Growing deeper
Doppler shifting
Must be moving
Ever further
Heading for some farflung meeting
A severed murmur
Faintly familiar
Did you not hear it
165 · Jan 2021
To The End
Brian Yule Jan 2021
A bare corridor
Death exits frowning
Gilding her indecision
Judases keening laments
Mangled notes offering pause
Quarantined rage simmers
Tasting untapped violence
With xeric yearning
164 · May 2021
Brian Yule May 2021
Aging jailbird freed
Deprived of vintage hardship
Shaping new hollows
149 · Aug 2020
Brian Yule Aug 2020
Morphisms ignored
You seed sour schisms
Divide & bleed
Bluster-concealed claw of iniquity
Blink & you'll miss misdeeds
Bleak greed breeds alacrity
Mimic predators
Crack fatigue
Shoved in your leaking maw
Sweet as a fatal flaw niggling
Raw needs wriggling
Impelled again to begin again
Fresh meat, feed me, let me sin again
Defeat just past the next win
But when
Actions unsating swiftly flow
Satisfaction ebbs
Objectifying friend & foe
This spluttering glut will not quench
144 · Aug 2020
Brian Yule Aug 2020
Among these hungry passengers
One saps my will to change
One lives my life in retrograde
One grades my every strain
One whispers, urgent “cling on tight”
One drags, hissing “let go”
One sighs at spans I dared not leap
One only tells me no

Yet am I the driver, the vehicle or the road?
Heady with survival, destined to corrode
Clarity eludes me: what’s will, what’s work, what’s way?
Each fumbled innovation, a blindfold duel against decay
140 · Mar 2020
Red Kite
Brian Yule Mar 2020
Red kite's graceful arc
Grateful swoop for kitchen scraps
Suburban garden
136 · Mar 2019
She Dared Sketch Synphonies
Brian Yule Mar 2019
She dared sketch symphonies in the winterdark dawn

Faint snatches of melody yet not fully formed

I felt her dignity, frail but unbending

Broken bursts of half-sensed hope: expanding, still pending

I held on heady to each forming refrain

Aching for each frost-cloud breath to scent spring

A phoenix ending

Patchwork dawning

New foaled, febrile, fragile thing

A few notes shy of resolution
136 · Dec 2020
Gathering Dark
Brian Yule Dec 2020
Shrouded eyes
Distant to cope
Already halfway there
Recognise his face
132 · Mar 2020
The Line
Brian Yule Mar 2020
Ache of being isolated grown too close
You spin the wheel, though wary
Weary too
Another raw encounter: open wound
Another tongue duel probing to find out
The rule you’ve never broken
A lure, if spoken; left unsaid, a doubt
A bur to hook the tighter those who run
Nursing the rub
The present friction burns of uncertainty
The pleasant fictions formed to fill the gap
This shifting scene that saps with sifting urgency
This morphing tempter mutely mouths its name
Read my lips
Spill my dear
Do you decline
Or feast fears
Climb into bed
Sip on the nectar
131 · Dec 2020
Brian Yule Dec 2020
Each purposed smear narrates
The poised faked fire of tears recent abated
Daubed pigments interlacing to store traces
Of gut-deep betrayals worn on lying skin
The never-before retraced in stain & tint
The sour taste of imagined sins
Rose-tainted views feign caught hate
130 · Aug 2020
Brian Yule Aug 2020
The summer stretched out
A stray cat
Sunning itself
In possibilities
121 · Jul 2020
Brian Yule Jul 2020
Blossom mothered vibrance leaps
Urgent as life escaping
Transience raging in pursuit
Transfixed in nectar's temptation
Each passing day ignites
Rites of entwining rhythms
Fluttering slowly relents
Longing after
121 · Aug 2020
Brian Yule Aug 2020
Plumes from tree bones bloom
Spitting entropy murmurs
Sun sap escaping
118 · Oct 2020
Brian Yule Oct 2020
Crickets chirping
A pulsating veil
Beyond which silence knocks
Heat seethes from baking rocks
Alive in this aching
Swathed in hot spring's cocoon
Crushed **** steeping
Nurturing her hushed bleeds
Wonder's womb weeping
A carrion bird perching,
Unsated, wails
118 · Mar 2019
Causal Chain
Brian Yule Mar 2019
Hoist the flags

Whose side are you on

A feather gift for cowards

This most costly cooperation

Still buries boys

In hastily dug holes

Far from home
115 · Sep 2020
Brian Yule Sep 2020
Amid the rubble
Of four dim millennia peeled back
A square of carved steatite lay
Gently as a gossamer hope
To reveal
That mythic beast
A single horn curving
From its striated head
Whose fame reached Grecian ears
From Indus bed
Across miles & years
Leaving an inkmark murmur
Inspired by the unicorn seal found in the ruins of ancient Mohenjo Daro during early 20th century excavations:
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