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Misplaced Texan Apr 2019
Found my passion.
Found myself.
Lost motivation.
Found a girl.
Found motivation.
Found the military.
Found new passion.
Got married.
Dramatic events.
Adulting through it.
She moved in.
Remembered my lost passion.

But I'm too far forward now.
Every major event in the last 4 years
  Apr 2019 Misplaced Texan
You bite the bullet and hold the gun
But you stand in front of the mirror all day
Acting stunned
Misplaced Texan Aug 2018
You're asleep on the phone with me right now
We were talking about some plans...
I hear your peaceful breath
I miss you
But I don't want you to get up, stay right here, I'll be back
You worry about me all time, I guess that's fair
But deep down, you know I'll be fine
So don't change what you're doing, stay right there. I'll be back
You love me, this is something I know no doubt.
But I want to make something very clear

I'll be back soon
Misplaced Texan Jul 2015
She caught me in a trap
She reads me like a map
These simple lines I say
Vary from day to day
I think I'm a simple guy
My softer side is too shy
I can't help but stand tall
Fearing nothing but the fall
I'm coming close to never
But hoping for forever
Everything is going to change
When we each part ways
I hate what I've become
In this Arizona sun
I regret decisions I've made
But refuse to stand in the shade
Would I change it all?
My guess as good as yalls
My friends are all doing great
But I struggle with my fate
I want to go back in time
LoL **** I can't find a rhyme
That was an unintentional rhyme
I do that all the time
I guess I am a poet
But ****, I didn't know it
I'll just stop here and go back
See my friends, sip some Jack
I feel like my glory days have passed
Only 20 now, but running out of gas
The expectations of my peers
Is one of my biggest fears
I don't want do disappoint anyone
But I can't help but run
I miss the days at home
So let me write a poem
Nostalgic ramblings brought to you by a late night which has turned to an early morning.
Misplaced Texan Jun 2015
Who are you when I'm not in town?
Perhaps the same girl I love to be around?
Better yet are you that way with someone new?
Now you've done things I never thought you'd do.

If it was a woman I cared less about
I'd open the door, and simply tell you "out"
You seem to mean more and I don't know why
Maybe I'll grow up and come over tonight

If it was a man I didn't see as my brother
(For lack of better words) I'd **** that *******.
I see his pain too and I can't lead an attack
Although I've felt the pain of a stab in the back

I will not lie, I deserve this after-all
Let's hope this doesn't cause our feelings to fall
I do not know how my life will unfold
At the end of the day, it's you I'd like to hold

I speak like I'm in High school, dumb and full of love, high as bird
These feelings that you give me..... wait I just used the L word

Many nights have passed with her sleeping in my head
But when I wake up, I'm laying in your bed
You make her disappear, like no one else before
And you make me think twice before walking out the door.

Let's really be honest, we're not each other's type
But your smile makes me believe in all the hype
Please don't listen to things you may have heard
Just know that I..... Almost used the L word.
A poem back to you my dear.
Misplaced Texan Jun 2015
She can be your sunshine, or leave you standing in the rain.
If she leaves you out there, she won't have much to gain.
She can say she is sorry in a million different ways,
She can be your sunshine or leave you standing in the rain.
She hopes that you can hear her, as she whispers very slow.
"I really do love you and don't want to let you go."
She wants to be your sunshine, to hide you from the rain.
No matter where you go, she wants to kiss away your pain.  
She didn't mean to hurt you. She doesn't want to lie,
It feels like all she can do now is just lay down and die.
Will you be her sunshine or leave her standing in the rain?
Remember it's your choice on what you lose as well as what you gain
"I could say I lied because I love you, but I don't think you'd believe it."
A poem sent to me after I sent one to her.
Misplaced Texan Jun 2015
I really can't be mad. I have myself to blame
What she's done to me, I've done just the same
Still far ahead, but so sick of this game
Maybe it's too late, I have myself to blame.

Don't hold your feelings in, maybe it's too late.
If you miss your chance, you'll have your self to hate
In this life you carry a lot of weight
Get your **** together, maybe it's too late.

Move quick, get your **** together.
Face it, you can't live like this forever.
Brace yourself, you're in for nasty weather
Here comes pain, get your **** together.

Not much longer, here comes pain
So much to lose, so much to gain
Looking for sun, standing in the rain
I really can't be mad. I have myself to blame
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