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Dec 2019
I wasn't on earth, not anymore
I wend one's way to a tranquil ambience whilst transcending my divine self
to a higher Cosmic Celestial being
at the time of eternal halcyon...
the Lacuna,that's what they called it in this time (Space was highly praised)

Suddenly life was unending
I guess that's why they use
light years here
it's counter intuitive

A cosmic pilgrim,
in a buoyantly state..
I peregrinated my way to the place in space
I seeked to fill my existence or of it to fill its existence the aftermath resulted twins

My burning hanker being doused with every feeling of passing an atom, I began to feel more drawned to my destination

From a distance, a visual perception of my terminus appeared before me


The third realm to the
East of my origin with
the four daemons seated in
an aligned parallel order manifesting themselves before my eyes..

Ganymede the colossal daemon
The ancient of them all

Callisto the Cherry blossom
the most alluring, artistic and gratifying in sight of all daemons.

Io the Sun's sister

The last daemon, Europa
the soft Pearl

The sight juxtaposed one's eyes for God's
I never felt so alive before
this was the cream of the crop
of the peacefull atmosphere in space..
sending an aesthetic tsunami tide to my soul's core

I belonged
Happy holidays  y'all
Tashielle Karanja
Written by
Tashielle Karanja  M
   Fawn, ATILA and ---
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