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  Dec 2016 Tardigrade
Macy Opsima
there is a general reason
as to why her name fits her.
whenever you look at her beauty,
all you can mutter is
*oh my darling, oh my darling
  Dec 2016 Tardigrade
Max Vale
The wind is a living creature,
Just like you or me,
It has and obeys no leader,
And the wind will always be free.
Tardigrade Dec 2016
I want to talk to you,
But you're so out of reach,
Even if I cried and screamed-
You would never hear me.
  Dec 2016 Tardigrade
Sydney Ann
You hit a point where you start running
Sprinting as fast as you can
Never looking back
Until you're tired I guess
Until I'm tired and I sit and watch the past
Running over the horizon
Getting closer
I wait in terror
Until soon it is close and I want to go back
Back to the things I used to know
The past gets close enough I can smell its breath
But I cannot quite reach it.
Tardigrade Dec 2016
Every since I was a child,
I thought I would be the man to change the world,
Create something new, find the cure to cancer, make a woman feel like the best one in the world, or even set a world record.
However, as I'm growing up I'm noticing something, something that teachers always tell you.
"History repeats itself"
And that it does.
  Mar 2016 Tardigrade
Kaitlyn A Warnken
If you take your life
I take mine too,
Because a life here on earth
isn't worth losing you.
I do not authorise the duplications of my writings, photography, or personal information.
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