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Two things can become one to create a whole so vastly beautiful it's almost beyond comprehension.
To me
That's you and poetry.
Simply so extravagant and lovely that all things pale in comparison.
You are poetry
Skin like gossamer
Eyes like sapphires
Lips like autumn roses refusing to wilt and bend to winters will.
Each part of you is a word compiled to create the perfect poem.  
With you my writers heart is home.
Love poem writer
I will whisper words in the wind
And pray that they are carried to you on the backs of autumn leaves.
I will whisper words in the wind
And pray that you'd be reminded of me whenever you see these dying trees.
You are the living embodiment of spring, bringing to life what winter took away.
We are explosive.
Two sticks of dynamite waiting for the match.
Just one whisper of a spark and we'll go,
Dying to impersonate the stars
Like fireworks in the night.

Fire, you and I
But different, if you know where to look.

Flames of summer
You are wild and destructive,
Spreading yourself too thin
Like wildfires in the drought
Roaring challenges at the sun.
But in the cricket-filled cool nights,
Bringing comfort and memories to the young at heart
Taming yourself for a time beneath stars that bear my sign
Burning out in the darkness before sunrise
Ready to return at first spark.

Pyre of winter,
Tamed by the frost and wind
Leaning on hearths for strength
Keeping vigil in the long night
Raging against dark and dusk and death
Yearning for what was lost in the fall
Waiting for the rebirth of spring
Sending up grey prayers to stars that bear your sign

Fire, you and I.
Born to stars of flame
Raging, roaring, writhing
At the whim of the wind
For the spark.
A Leo and a Sagittarius walk into a bar...
  Aug 2016 Stephen Sean Chambers
"if your heart is broken, make art with the pieces."
[shane koyczan]
I spend my days *****
Ink running from my fingertips.
Spilling the blackness of my soul over your paper thin skin every written sin sinking within you.

Can you withstand my words
Tearing at your flesh like a natural disaster
tempting your heart to beat faster, forcing you to see the storm in my eyes.
Unmasking the darkness I fantasize.
I'm running out of lullaby's darling
I can't silence these screams anymore.
I can't stop these terrors.
These everlasting horrors.
Screeching, scratching, clawing at your door
Desperate to drag you into hell forever more

Your blankets aren't barbed darling.
Don't use them for safety
Peek over those caring covers...
Accept your dance with death
For tonight you both become lovers

Tip toe through the reaper's mist darling
Walk through the splintered trail of those before you
Leave your story on blood stained wooden floors
The black veiled saviour with a scythe
Who saved you from your horrid life.
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