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Try Aug 2018
On Defence, with regrets
no reason to leave them.

Im just saying theres a better way then being hot headed like Vegeta
getting cooled off by Freeza so look out when he sneeze yeah, Its Beerus, everyone fears us, but will still cheers ya.

pum pum slaya Jan 2015
I got a big power pole that extends to Kamis lookout
Its so big and massive Dende dont doubt
Got my ***** gathered underneath you know I do
I know what you want to wish for so ill *** and give it to you
You say yours is big, you are just a claimer
My power pole so big It cant even be contained in the hyperbolic time chamber
My power pole is such a galore
Not even Hercule can save you anymore
I know your curious ill make you come browsing
Then when you find it your gonna be like ohshit ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

— The End —