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pum pum slaya Jan 2015
I got a big power pole that extends to Kamis lookout
Its so big and massive Dende dont doubt
Got my ***** gathered underneath you know I do
I know what you want to wish for so ill *** and give it to you
You say yours is big, you are just a claimer
My power pole so big It cant even be contained in the hyperbolic time chamber
My power pole is such a galore
Not even Hercule can save you anymore
I know your curious ill make you come browsing
Then when you find it your gonna be like ohshit ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!
  Jan 2015 pum pum slaya
Kate Lion
i cry during Bambi
you cried in your car after your high school girlfriend tried to come on to you

you and i--
we wouldn't, but--
or tomorrow
or the next day
we could give ourselves away

we could shoot white deer together in the mountains without a license
the blood from their heads would make cherry snow cones in the powder
and we would have fun savoring the flavor
watching something innocent die

but how would we feel the moment it was over?
What scares me the most
Is this crazy thought of you
Being just like him
  Jan 2015 pum pum slaya
oh so sweet,
until it kills you,
rots you slowly,
gives you cavities
without you ever realizing.
get the metaphor? no? no? well. good for you.
again, not meant for anyone, so please don't panic ^^" like srsly. just gotta write, even if it doesn't mean anything XD

mad world
by gary jules (cover by Jasmine Thompson)
pum pum slaya Jan 2015
All it is, is just meat
Or eat it like a treat
You may think this is where my problem stands
So *** help me and give me some hands
If you help me ill catch all your traitor
Trust me im a master baiter
If you help me in the morning with the wood
Maybe ill treat you to a lollipop if you would
My **** has pros and CONS that will DOM. (Dominate) which is true
So nothing can protect you
I just may call you a **** face
So wipe the residue and smirk off your face leaving without a trace
pum pum slaya Jan 2015
Sometimes when im home sick
My hub does the trick
There is so much to choose from
Either one would make me ***

It can be big and black
Or just have some big racks
It could be a *******
Or they could be drunk off of ***

It may be Sasha Grey
Ill **** to her any day
I don't have interest in gay ****
I don't care for other mens corn

Some may call me an addict
I just like active people don't contradict
I too have my right
To make things white

— The End —