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Ritchie Mar 2019
Your heart is beating faster than falling rain
Then it hit my own like a moving train
And that was only the start
We learned about each other
With our souls undercover
And now we are lovers
Spring is seeping into the cold winter
Morphing into a hybrid sea
My fantasies are my reality
My realities are my fantasies
We'll drown in a world of vespertine

This lost world
Is where I want to be free
Inside of your little soul
Drowning so deep
This place
This is where I want to be
All night and day
Now, you can take the lead
I'll follow with a wondrous gaze

Growing sensations
From that tiny seed
That was planted without intention
Teach me how to fly
Make it feel like an addiction
It's time to stretch towards the sky
We'll make it seem like fiction
Ritchie Mar 2019
I'm writing, songs about the future
About the end of our love
Maybe, I should think more about the present
And escape this Dreamworld that I live in
I've been staring at the ceiling
With thoughts swarming my mind
Sometimes, I can't wait to die
Today I saw something
I can't recall what it was
But it held me close
For a moment I thought it was you

So let's fly
This Dreamworld
Of mine
Trample those lies
Until they're out of sight
And stuck inside the void along with fright
And we'll **** them if they escape
Let's go to the place
I have so many things to say
I'm no longer afraid
Ritchie Mar 2019
I had a plan
It starting with burning down my house
Along with my dad
I watched silently as it all went down
And then I ran
I didn't even make it out of town
So I stole a van
Besides a lonely demon there was nobody around
And I left without a sound

Some days I want to die, some days I don't
Same days I want to see the world, engulfed in smoke
We're running off the land, into the sea
To drown with all my thoughts, full of misery
I'm running away, from my soul
Away from my soul, towards myself
I'm running away towards myself
I'm running away

I've been driving all day
I think it's beginning to rain
And there's blood on the mirror
I don't remember how it got there
But it doesn't matter
Everything's moving faster, getting faster now
White, gold, black and green flashes
I'm now off the side of the road
And more blood was added

Now I'm searching the Sky
Completely out of sight
Any minute I might die
So I'm ready to say, goodbye cruel world
I thought it was a curse
But then I drowned in her
Ritchie Mar 2019
Little did they know
That I had a mind of my own
Everything you've done and said
Will come back to bite you
By tomorrow you'll possibly be dead
Act like the devil and you'll meet him soon
Little did they realize
Of what I am capable of
All of those little lies
Have grown into a dead tree
And I'll torch it
As I watch all of the secrets
Vanish like lives
And then you'll die

— The End —