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hedge haematoma
blue-black against the fading,
once young green,
bruising for sharp winter thoughts,
clean frost lines,
untouched snow-blank focus

but before, to swell and drop
in the last pale suns,
feed the field mouse, rabbit
and endure the muds
 Sep 2021 Rich Hues
Lunar Roses
I have my heart set
On topaz tinted clouds
Resting on a bed of pink rose retals

Nothing will stop me from reach them

I'm not done
I'm not done
I'm not done
 Sep 2021 Rich Hues
Grief II
 Sep 2021 Rich Hues
I crawl underneath the bed to cry in solitude
Even though I've been here alone
Four months straight
And I sleep levitating five feet above myself
Because I can feel your weight in my bed
I bet there is still a mark on your bedroom's floor
Where I laid and succumbed to the charms of death
When you told me, when you told me...
Yet for you it is a chunk of wood
No different from your desk or the cross on the wall
No chalk, no tape, no monument
Is it wrong to wonder if you'd cry at my funeral?
Or what kind of flowers would you bring?
I wish I could wander
The doors are open
But there is no getting out
I'm the architect of my own cage
And I still don't manage to escape
Heat goes away
and we remember our austerity
with turned up collars and rotten ideas,
grey respite seems to like us,
invites us to thrive in a familiar taste,
but real or imagined,
passion fruit and mango
stubbornly linger
 Jul 2021 Rich Hues
Move along.
This has nothing to do
with Marxism...

The good people of Cuba
are simply fed up
with not having access
to Netflix,
legal marijuana
and transgender bathrooms.
 Jul 2021 Rich Hues
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

**** the Faience !
English generally uses various other terms for well-known sub-types of faience. Italian tin-glazed earthenware, at least the early forms, is called maiolica in English, Dutch wares are called Delftware, and their English equivalents English delftware, leaving "faience" as the normal term in English for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese wares and those of other countries not mentioned (it is also the usual French term, and fayence in German). The name faience is simply the French name for Faenza, in the Romagna near Ravenna, Italy, where a painted majolica ware on a clean, opaque pure-white ground, was produced for export as early as the fifteenth century.

 Jul 2021 Rich Hues
Northern moon and quiet cold days
Are broken by the thunder's call
She walks barefoot on the banks
Dressed in her moonlight shawl

Whispered voices and starlit talks
Are safety from this weary world
Kiss your breath and adorn my heart
Amongst the clouds I don’t feel so small

My saving grace and calming rain
A hanging lantern inside my dark
Her cradled arms chase away this pain
And forces silence from the banging voice that haunts my thoughts
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