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Rhiannon Jan 2019
You planted a seed
And I flourished
Growing, growing
Taller and stronger

My leaves expanding
My pedals blooming
My colors brightening
My scent sweetening

Your sunshine glowing
Feeding my hunger
Feeding my soul
My flower is beautiful

The rain came pounding
I survived
The lightening came shattering
I survived

But then you came
Stomping on my crown
Splitting my stem
I became broken

My sun stopped shining
My watering seized
My soil became infertile
My flower became sour

You stopped feeding me
I began to wilt
My colors became dull
I began to die

You left me hungry
You left me ugly
You left me destroyed
You left me to die

I sit and wait
For the sun to start shining
For the water to start pouring
To start over

But You dont come
So I'm left alone
Sad and wilted in the dirt
Stomped on and broken

I still am waiting
Waiting for you to come
And feed my hunger
To feed us
Rhiannon Jan 2019
Your silence is deafening,
And I’m left in the dark.
You have me questioning,
But now you’ve made your mark.

Heartless words left on the table,
With no real outcome in sight.
The lack of respect makes me unstable,
And I’m ready to start a fight.

Your mouth sewed shut,
And your unwilling to talk.
Those unspoken words leave a deep cut.
Bandage me up cuz now I’m in shock.

I’m feeling alone,
Like I’ve done this before.
Your thoughts are stone,
But I’m looking for more.

Won’t succumb to the fabrication.
I can’t breath and I can’t scream.
I feel like a complete abomination.
It’s all too real and too extreme.

Your silence is deafening,
And my mind is exhausted.
Rhiannon Nov 2018
It feels like a dream
Lost in time
Lost in essence
Only to be awoken
By a deep depression

It feels like a motion
Passing through
Drifting slowly
Only to be halted
By a corrupt seizure

It feels like the unknown
Something untouched
With an obscene flavour
Only to be savoured
By an irresistible promise

It feels like a dream
Beacause I'm not awake
I never was
It feels like a dream
Because it is
Rhiannon Nov 2018
Waves are crashing at my feet
Rippling, washing, taking me away
Deep water. Im in over my head
Heartbreaking, passion, lost at sea
Riding the water of my emotions deep
Fighting, praying, your mine to keep
Wont be long till I'm gone
Let the ocean take me
Drifting, cascading, floating away

— The End —