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You are caressed by moonlight
and kissed by the sun.
You are made of nectar
and salty waves
and magical herbs
that grow as wild as your heart.

     You are the Vessel of Life,
a goddess on earth.
You are a healer, a witch
and a gypsy queen,
in tune with the cycles
and quivers of the world.

     You are made of milk and honey
and the crisp winds of autumn live in your hair.
Your spirit is rose petals
and burning embers,
sweet spring water
and nightshade berries.

     Your body is in sync with the Moon
that rules the ebb and flow of the ocean.
Your eyes reflect the calm of a glassy lake
and the ferocity of a storm.
Your tears are the drops of dew
on blades of grass at dusk
and your laughter makes flowers bloom.

     You are the product of billions of years
of colliding planets,
dying stars,
swirling galaxies
and perfect chaos.

      You have the terrifying immensity
of the universe encompassed
in your beautiful body—
How can you sit here with a straight face
and tell me you feel empty?
v i c t o r i a May 2016
butterflies* caged by ribs,
a life begging to be lived
red heart beats in time
with the thoughts of my mind

but thoughts can fit through cracks
like the butterflies that are trapped
from mind to lips that part
but not passing through my heart

lips set the butterflies free
along with the feelings inside of me
yet I still feel lost
when I collide with my thoughts

my head is desensitized
perhaps my thoughts are the butterflies
their wings coated with beauty
but they can still come out rudely

although my thoughts are broke
when the words reach my throat
i long to fly too
like the butterflies that broke through

i won't hold my tongue anymore
butterflies free to explore
these thoughts begging to exist
a life begging to be lived
collaboration with the amazingly talented Corey Sittinger
v i c t o r i a May 2016
blue and black hands that are reaching for untouched skin
heavy lungs black with smoke breathe the air that's thin
you're seeking shelter in a home where you've never been
thanks for reading
v i c t o r i a Apr 2016
With bright eyes I gaze into the midnight sky,
consumed by cosmic thoughts and solidarity with lost cosmonauts.

Wandering yet not lost, vicariously relating
to explorers, and the skies they crossed

While the stars above and the ocean fall in love, I feel the sea breeze through my hair and listen to the hymn of the ocean prayer

The sun rises over the ocean and its yellow glaze hypnotizes. I find myself in a forest of towering trees singing the song of the bees.

As if through thin-air, sunbeams illuminate through the foliage that the trees wear. The warming sensation that frees sets me at ease.
collaboration with the talented Lewis Lee
v i c t o r i a Apr 2016
eyes sparkle towards
the silver sky and I see glimpses of
you in the craters of la lune

each night
I sing for you
in hopes la lune can
hear my harmonious tune
thanks for reading♥
v i c t o r i a Apr 2016
night blur together
leather seats makeup stained
traces of you linger on my skin
black and indigo dazed
people wondering where i've been
smoking with a new chain
freedom forever
thanks for reading♥
  Mar 2016 v i c t o r i a
how many sunrises is a lifetime worth?
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