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Nicole Levy Feb 2018
Boom boom
There goes my heart again
Alerting me to possible fear
Run run run you can get hurt
Trust me I’ve been here
It protects me from possible pain
And possible danger
But is it real or just made up
I can’t see through all this anger
What if you were not here
What else could I accomplish
I could be a poet
I could run the world
I could be an authentic kind of girl
But you keep me safe and well
I am comfortable here in my turtle shell
Nicole Levy Feb 2018
Dont change I dont like it
Stay just as you are
I like when I own you
Dont raise the bar
Stay I am comfortable
Stay I am in control
Everything is perfect
Dont break the mold

**** all of your rules
**** all of your stability
I want to run
And face the other parts of me

Freedom is here
Freedom at last
My future is mine and
the old me is the past.
Nicole Levy Jan 21
I wish it was real
Someone who gets me
So effortlessly
Who reads into my soul
And feels every insecurity
And accepts the real me
**** hot
I like you a lot
Smart sass
What a great ***
You are deep and complex
Not like the others
Let’s go away
To a different time
I’ll explore
You be my *****
With the brains of more
Let me learn
Show you parts of this world
You never saw before
My view
Question everything true
I’ll show you
The truth
Let me take your hand
To never never land
Where it is just us
Ruffle your feathers stop being so square
Get out of your head
I want you to share
The deepest parts of you
Your desires
I promise I’ll make them true
My safety net
Let’s explore your pleasure
I promise I won’t hurt you
Nicole Levy Jun 2018
I want to love you but you are
A *** of boiling water
If only I can put the heat setting down
I can get around
To being connected to you
Im touching the handles without a glove
This can’t be love
You say it for my best
Is this a test?
How good is she
How good can my daughter be
She is a reflection of me
I can’t even see
She is broken imperfect I have to fix her
What if its all an illusion
I am right here
Perfect human specimen
Worthy of existing
Just as I am
Take your glasses off
They are ***** and old
Tell me everything will be okay
I am the strongest woman you ever knew
Capable beautiful and a proud reflection of you
#raw #daughter #mother #pain
Nicole Levy Jun 2018
An interesting level of consciousness
To break in this anatomy
If you don’t go through brokenness
You are a simple dichotomy
So wreck me to my core
To spill these guts out
And take my wounds mix them
With salt, pepper, lemon
Make a salad of dreams
That you take a bite out of
And spit out because it is not the right mix of flavor
Who are you to say I am wrong
This was not made for you
This was made for me
It is a delicacy
That you will never understand
As long as I am on the ground
But once I am gone
You will long for my flavor
Nicole Levy Feb 2018
Excuse me for I have sinned.
Read the rules in a book is what they told me.
Who made these rules
Who was HE?
Stay in the box or else they will scold me.
Be safe, be responsible, keep your head in the sand.
But I am an eagle you cannot keep me on land.
I cannot sleep my wild dreams have turned into my reality.
for I am consciously sabotaging the old me.
Nicole Levy Feb 2018
When I think of you my lips curl up into a smile
When I think of you I get that tingle down there for a while
Going about my day
Pushing it away
But you are THERE.
The thing that makes this life worth living
The thing that leaves my heart singing
Your eyes can melt every problem there is
Your words can take the pain away
Please dont ever go away
I want you to stay
and stay
and stay
Nicole Levy Feb 2018
You are you and I am me
But it all gets blurry and I can't see
You are the greatest part of me
Why do I have to separate can't I feed from your tree?
But your fruit runs out
and I am drained
and I am left alone
you are to blame

— The End —