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River Sep 2019
im not about to fall
into another trap of pure insanity
to fall in love with the words
he speaks ever so kindly to me
to fall and dig this hole even deeper
im not that naive
not today
defiantly not me

im strong today than i was
before i figured out just people want
im not falling for the trick
not me
im more than just my appearance and body
and i wont allow the words to take me
not today not me

im not some litter girl
sitting and waiting for her knight or princess
im not going to allow myself to be seen
any less then the way i see me
i wont allow someone to take over my whole identity
not today not me

im stronger than the words they speak to me
i wont fall in love with all the
ever so kind to me lies of pure
like ive heard all of these words before
and ive been through that door
but today im strong
so now i say
not today not me
to everything and every little word
spoken to get to me
River Sep 2019
is it wrong to believe every word
even though i know every word you speak
could very well just be
a trap
created to capture me?
River Sep 2019
what is normal?
fit in with all the popular school stereotypes
i dont think so
normal is like being a robot to all the new trends
the trends led by people we idol like gods?
but normal?
why should we follow along with the normal
when normal should just be
who we are
we are in our own lives normal
so dont try to fit in to be that normal
just be who you are
and that in itself is normal enough
normal yourself
River Sep 2019
i am my own me
the me ive always wanted to be
the me ive lived my life to see
i am my own kind of me
River Sep 2019
you know when someone writes a happy poem
it almost as if it doesn't exist to anyone
when someone writes a happy poem
its almost like no one will ever notice it
poetry isn't just depressing
so where is all the happy lines of good times?
where is the happy poetry?
where is that classic good ole
happy endings?
River Sep 2019
who are you to say i cant be free,
to travel with the wind
living out my dream
no one will hold me back
from being me
so who are you?
to tell me i wont be free?

ill rise with the moon and sleep with the waking sun
ill sing of times where things were good
ill immerse on all the freedom ive got
ill be laughing like there is no tomorrow
ill be running with the birds
and prancing with the fish
ill be as free as i wish

so who are you, tell me
to say i cant be free?
i am my own embodiment
of what I want to be
no one will tell me what to do
ill always be chasing after my dream
running freely like the birds in the sky
and the fish in the sea

ill always be free
in mind and in my physical body
this world, the people, and even me
wont ever hold me back
so run with the animals in the forests of magic
and swim with the fish in the never ending sea
or fly with the birds in a sky that goes as far as you can see
or follow the wind, who has a no idea where it's going

because who are they?
to sit here and tell us,
we cant be free.
because what i see
WE can be free.
River Sep 2019
although cuddling with someone is nice
there is nothing quite like
hugging that stuffed animal really tight

to carry away all your childhood fears
to wipe away all your tears
to never leave when you need the most comfort

there is nothing like hugging a stuffed animal
to feel the softness engulf you
to enjoy the nostalgia all around you

that stuffed animal may seem so lifeless
but if you give it a life it will come alive
and seems to hug you back all the time

to those days you're all alone
and you just simply need a hug
remember who is always there

cuddling with someone is nice
but still there is nothing like
hugging that stuffed animal tight
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