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N0thing Apr 2015
Why do people think that if you close your eyes long enough...
All your problems disappear?
Sleeping doesn't make your problems go away
N0thing Apr 2015
Why do we always blame life for all our shortcomings?
"Life is so hard"
"My life *****"
"Life is ******* up"
N0thing Mar 2015
They always say, 'it'll be okay'
They never say, 'We know it isn't okay'

They always say, 'it'll be worth it'
They never say, 'We know it isn't'

They always say, 'Life goes on'
They never say, 'Life always ends'

They always say what they think we want to hear
But they never say what we need to hear
N0thing Mar 2015
The saddest thing
Isn't not having friends
But thinking you do
When really *you don't
N0thing Mar 2015
If I hadn't been on line
If I hadn't read that message
If I hadn't typed that reply
If I hadn't let it go on
If I had stop it all at once, at that first moment…..
Would my life be different today?
N0thing Mar 2015
Since when has being part of a religion
Turned into a crime?
N0thing Feb 2015
I do not hate anyone

I hate everyone

Not for what they have done

But for all they things they *didn't do
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