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  Aug 2019 Vanilla
One after another
Has warned me away from
But when I look into your
I can see the
You are serenity.
You are peace.
You are kind.
You are honest.
You are relief.
You are what I need.
And maybe
That's hard for you,
I wouldn't know. .
But I do.
You have filled me
With emotions I have not felt
In months.
You have made me
I feel so open.
You make me feel
You are what I need,
But is it the same for
A king like you?
Vanilla Aug 2019
it's you and me again
but different
a second chance I fought for
but didn't expect to win

but here we are
your hand holding mine
me holding you
and a warm "welcome back"
from lips that I thought
were lost to time

I missed this feeling
I missed you
I never thought after all this time, that she would come back. I never thought she would hold me the way she did, look at me the way she did, it almost killed me losing her. but now she's gifted me with another round. I couldn't ask for anything else.
Vanilla Jul 2019
You care when caring is irrelevant
when I've been fine, you bring back the past
that I leave behind
it's been weeks since I've seen you
the real you
Now all I have are the dry texts you've been sending
avoiding our dilemma
in hopes of dodge a dispute

Now here I am
kissing the mouth of a whiskey bottle
trying to drown unanswered questions
swallow uncertainty
and fill the hole in my soul you left behind
a part of me that was once full of love
is now an abyss of grief and anguish
a vacant space waiting
for you to return
Vanilla May 2019
I want to tell you how frustrated I am with you,
how I've never had problems with girls
how I never get nervous
yet here I am
communicating behind a screen
like a coward
wishing I could tell you how you really make me feel

I want to tell you I love you
how you mean everything to me
how ide never leave your side
yet here I lay
in an empty bed
wishing you were by my side
Vanilla May 2019
I will never love the same
I can't imagine myself with anyone but you
but you changed
and so have i
2 lovers with no time
and I miss you so much I cry
I cry hoping someone might hear me howling my sorrows
Hoping that you will show up

I will never love the same
I just wish we weren't falling apart
I wish you would give me the time of day
Instead, I've spent my day in bed wallowing in self-pity and pain

I'm tired of crying
Vanilla Apr 2019
I can't help but take it personally
Messages ignored
Calls declined
A regular abnormality,
That I can't accept

I wish we can turn back time to before this mess
To before my anger
To before the secret sadness
To before empty glances and blank stares

I wish you would let me love you
I wish you'd tell me what's wrong
I wish we could ignore each other's past
And start over brand new

Te tengo y te extraño
Mi corazón arde de la soledad
Y mi alma anhela tu presencia
Porque en tus ojos encuentro la felicidad
Vanilla Apr 2019
My heart constantly cries out for you
My mind searches for your intellect
My body yearns for your touch
I seek to connect

I love you for loving me
I'm here for you because you're always there for me
If only I could remove your pain,
How you do mine

I will be here for you
Now and Forever
Share your pain with me
Make your problems mine

I don't want you to be as alone as I once was
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