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 Aug 2019 Vanilla
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 Aug 2019 Vanilla
my heart opened
and i cried

not a typical cry

not a cry for attention
not a cry from falling on concrete
not a cry of happiness

this was chest open crying
translucent tears plastering my face

a raw real with yourself kind of cry
hands break hearts
 Apr 2018 Vanilla
bailey goranson
i am many things;
i am nothing.

i am a riddle;
i am a joke.

i am the air in your lungs;
and the earth beneath your feet.

i am the water in your veins;
and the fire in your soul.

i am the smile on your face;
and the tears on your cheek.

i have never noticed how many
things i am.

because i am a punk rocker,
who doesn't give a **** about anyone.

but i'm also daddy's girl,
who puts on a fake smile and screams fake laughter.

i am mommy's best friend,
who makes sure she always looks her best.

i am his girlfriend,
who knows what to say and when to say it.

but i am also myself.
i know who i am.

i know what i like;
(loud music and vans)

i know who i love;
(that shouldn't be hard to figure out)

i know what i hate;
(k* s*)

i know what i fear;
(being alone with my demons)

i know what i want;
 Apr 2018 Vanilla
oh but i
adore you so much my love..

i feel lightheaded from all the hyperventilating..
i slept well that night i ain’t even gon’ lie
i had another sepia dream too..
but less of what you’re expecting

i dreamt of gravity keeping us around..
and nothing stopped us
and no one came in between..

explain to me truly beb..
what is this love..
yerr check chloe’s ink
I've been on a journey
to the depths of my own

i didn't like what i


but i know it was needed.

                          I've been (dis)connected

up, down,up ,down u,p ,down

in (a)n(d) out

blur is what i see.

i know ::myself:: better now
 Oct 2017 Vanilla
 Oct 2017 Vanilla
There is a certain Beauty in Brokenness
And Purpose in Pain.
 Sep 2017 Vanilla
Jean Garnet
I tend to love
broken things.
And sometimes, I get broken
by the things I love.
 Sep 2017 Vanilla
Brendan Holland
I keep drinking myself to oblivion
I get ****** so much medusa would be jealous
I can't stay sober
I was high in love
Now I get high to forget
To erase you from my life
Like you erased me

But you wrote yourself in permanent marker
Across my heart
And i am stained all over
That no bleach can take out

Now, I compare everything to you
 Sep 2017 Vanilla

My wife is sleeping.
My dogs are sleeping.
My cats are sleeping.

I'm awake.

Eating beef jerky.
Drinking lime La Croix.
Putting sights on a rifle.
Flipping channels on the TV.

Wanting to sleep.

But still awake.

Things that nobody talks about:
The desperation of loving someone who doesn't love you
How the sun feels warmer when you've spent a year being cold
The feeling of weightlessness after crying yourself to sleep
When he stares long and hard at you and smiles softly, making your eyes feel shy even when you are not
How people who used to exist in your orbit still take chunks off of your surface, even when you've taken so many hits you hardly exist.

Things that nobody talks about:
Even when you've moved on, even when you've found someone who loves you more, even when you've discovered better things, your skin remembers things best forgotten.
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