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you are leathered with residue
decaying the rust off your skin
with our initials crawling into
alabaster sheets that all I have really
felt while staring out at the streets
we're people fading by egotistical
lack of self confidence
even though I admit using
seducing strategies
possibly disgusted by my own
that I am placing ******
thrills on my own configuration
because it's humid and blatant
unkowling breathing ruthless sentiments
of our holy communion

I am splitting into a holy sin
drenched in blissful wartime rations
of water or passion
your cotton skin and these sheets
bold statements between white teeth
it’s all a fading mystery
you said I’m something childlike
your hands are stained cherry
and even if they were around my neck
I’d whisper your name like a vesper
simply waiting
for the day to come where it all fades
because you refuse to be a
young god
no matter how it seems to be
to me in all of my naivety
collab w the lovely Glass ((:
the greatest tragedy of life
is not to experience
love and the worsest part
is to live
just only to breath*

I'll walk with you tomorrow along the endless shore, while the primal tides are beckoning what has never been before.
  Mar 2017 Micahel De Tomasso
I'll cross the desert,
and climb the mountain top.
I'll sit up high,
and watch the sun
sink low in the sky.
I'll wait until dark,
when all is still,
when the moon is bright,
and shining full.
I'll write down a wish,
and burn it up,
then pray to the moon
to give me luck.
I'll coax her sweetly
to take my love,
to take it,
and give it right to you.
~ I think she will.
"My dreams are vivid, you are there.
I'm in love with you once again.
Allow me to stay in my sleep. Allow
me to go on.
I see you clearer then before, i'm afraid
to blink.
I walk closer to you. Please don't vanish.
Your reaching your arms to me, i need
to feel your flesh.
My heart is pumping faster then ever
I reach for you, and we touch.
My head rests on your left shoulder, as
yours rests on mine.
I remember the fragrance of your body.
I take it in with my deepest breath.
I let it out, and your gone.
I awake, with the fragrance of you lingering on."
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