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 Jan 2021 Lizzie
David P Carroll
A perfect smile on her face
Makes my heart
Smile bright in this
Sunny place and the
Time in her presence
Is so beautiful and
Touching she's my love
In life and in this moment
When we are together
My heart racing with
Happiness and so much joy
We shared forever
And a happy bound
We share together
Wherever we're
And some how
You’re someone who’s
Impossible to forget
I love you so much every day
And true dreams always come true
I will love you all my life
I will love you until I die
And to let you know
Your the love of my life.
True Love ❤️😘😘😘
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
my pain
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
Give me an ink
To drink
And I will ***** out my pain

All I need is a place to think
And I will sing
Out songs of pain

I wish I was an artist with brushes and paint
To picture down what is making me sink
In the tears of my pain.
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
Erika Gibson
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
Erika Gibson
I walk in and see your face
I see your eyes and ears,
Your mouth and nose
Most people would see a crotchety old man
But I stare you straight in the face,
And see what no one else seems to see

You have lived eighty-six years
What do you have to show?
Each line,
Each mark,
Each wrinkle,
Time has delicately placed upon your face,
Tell a story

A story that I would love to hear,
A story that I may share one day too
Now tell me,
What is your story?
A free verse poem by Erika Gibson
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
fake happiness
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
she hides under her bed
and cries herself to sleep,
she wants a happy life,
but she hides what she needs,
though to many she may be joyous
and as many friends she has,
she still needs someone close
which she clearly never had
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
 Jan 2021 Lizzie
I am the deep, the sky in reverse
I have what you seek, for better or worse

I am the blue of infinite depth
I've swallowed the crews and cleared the decks

You are afraid or maybe intrigued
Of the place where you played and also was freed

Kiss me now like you did before
Give me your vow and the ocean is yours.
 Dec 2020 Lizzie
The end of me
 Dec 2020 Lizzie
I’m damaged goods
And I don’t know why
They say that I’m great
Their eyes tell me lies

I’m broken, I’m beaten
A victim of abuse
I’m angry, heartbroken
Tired of all the misuse

It’s a matter of time
Before the glue runs dry
The pieces now scattered
And the last of me dies
make it stop
these awful thoughts
when i think i can
they say you better not
when i feel safe
they ask are you sure
until i find
i'm not anymore
when i trust myself
they wait for me
to fall back into my
many insecurities
they want me to fail
because they feed on my fear
they like when i fall
love the taste of my tears
 Dec 2020 Lizzie
 Dec 2020 Lizzie
ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
we know no real pain
until we find trust
then that trust is broken
and so are our bones
i entered this world crying
and i'll leave it
 Dec 2020 Lizzie
Zoe Mae
A Star
 Dec 2020 Lizzie
Zoe Mae
I'd like to be your day
Well planned and smooth
I'd probably get in the way
The doctor wouldn't approve
I'd like to be your star
God knows you're mine
Just be who you are
And that would be fine
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