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Lizzie Mar 2018
Missing ego
Burned esteem
Lacking confidence
Insecure extreme
Living lies
Blinded minds
Hearts vandalized
If only we could see through our lover's eyes.
Lizzie Jan 2021
I haven't written in awhile.
Didn't realize that till today.
I think when I numbed the pain,
I must have numbed myself away.
Is losing your pain worth losing your self?
Lizzie Sep 2020
In peaceful stillness, here I lie
And gaze upon the starlit sky.
But pretty views are hard to carry
When man enjoys them solitiary.
Lizzie Feb 2018
Screaming silence, deadly calm
Laying here with head on arm
Wishing that it wasn't mine
Hating distance, dreading time.

Crowded out, but so alone
Wanting him to come home
Missing touch, sound, and sight
Waking lonesome ev'ry night.

Painful as the lovers suffer
Would not leave for any other
Hoping, hurting, dreaming, crying
And with happy answers, lying.
I think the hardest part of an LDR is when, after those happy moments together, you have to say goodbye knowing it will be a long time before you can be together again.
Lizzie May 2018
I get this feeling
This feeling inside
Whenever I see you
I want you to die

I want to break you
Into so many pieces
Just like my heart
When you ate my Reese's

You knew it was mine
I saved it many days
But you just took it
And ate it anyways

I'll hate you forever
To your final breath
I hope you suffer
A terrible death

RIP Reese's PB Cup 2018
A comedic love song with a twist.
All in good humour :)
Lizzie Aug 2020
I sat by a road one day.
The traffic came and went.
And noise, noise was all I heard.
But then for a moment,
I was all alone.
And briefly there was music.
Lizzie May 2021
We scorned her tears, mocked her fear,
Left her alone to suffer here.
Then when she called for help at last,
We brought the trauma of her past.
When she sobbed out loud, we caused her pain.
When she cried in quiet, we sent her away.
Our help could have easily come,
But for compassion, we had none.
There was no kindness in our hands.
And now a broken girl she stands.
A poem for victims of abuse.
Lizzie Jun 2018
I've never been great at poetry;
The process always fails for me.
While mister Poe and Shakespeare last,
My writing ends up in the trash.

Their writing style, lost with age,
Their wisdom hid in ev'ry page,
The glory given where it's due -
These are things I cannot do.

My writing's forced; theirs doth flow.
I say it blunt; they say it slow.
Those areas that bless and move
Are places where I can't improve.

So why, with my lack of skill,
Do I keep on writing still?
With such a hopeless case as this,
You'd think I would already quit!

There was a time when I did -
My desk was shut; my pen was hid.
Then something occurred to me
Which changed it all instantly.

If Dr. Seuss had Shakespeare tried,
And Mr. Poe glorified,
And given up in dismay,
We wouldn't have his books today.

So keep on writing how you do
With that style unique to you.
Put your mind into use
(You just might be another Seuss)!
Lizzie Apr 2021
You dont know the day or the hour.
No man's science has the power
To stop, or pause, or speed, or slow;
Every day must come,
Every day must go.
And every minute that passes by
Is closer to the day you die.

Our every thought is to survive;
We often forget that we're alive,
And there's nothing more that we dread
Than the day to come
When we'll be dead.
And every second that passes by
Is closer to eternal life.

You don't know the when or the how.
Prepare to light your latterns now,
For what you reap is what you sow.
Such a time will come,
When every man must go.
And every choice along the way
Reflects upon that Judgement Day.
Lizzie Apr 2018
I can't remember when I last heard the wind whisper through the leaves of the trees, when I last saw the dappled, dancing shadows on the turf, when I last breathed in the smell of summer rain.

It feels like years since last summer,  years since I was happy, years of unending winter, years of struggling to get through.

And just when spring peaks o'er the earth and hope starts anew, everything is dashed by the return of the cruel snow, like a man being thrown back into prison after his first glimpse of light in years.

Just as summer seems so unattainable, so too does the happiness which has long been lost to me. Summer will come eventually, but sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be happy again.
What's with this snow we're suddenly getting?
Lizzie Sep 2021
We stay awake, but for what?
It's easy to count loss of sleep
When it's time to wake, but
Before bed, we somehow keep
Forgetting the time. It it because
You hope for satisfaction--maybe
In the kisses we share? Or I
In hopes that you'll talk with me?
Either way, time is wasted
To our selfish love--or is it lust?
Like Augustine, we say yes to both.
Or maybe it's just me, who must
Think that "love" will justify
Anything, or at least pardon that
Which we should not do. But
Feeling good, regardless of what
Love may exist, is still wrong
When indulged too much. And so
"It was our bad habit to carry on
Our games till very late." We know
That "the caresses by which the
Lustful ****** are seeking for love;
But nothing is more caressing than
God's charity." Yet we still think of
Mortal caresses, which we can
Hardly go a night without. If I
Did not touch and kiss you today,
Would you be hurt, and if so, why?
"Why, really?"
Written awhile ago but lost among class notes.
Lizzie Feb 2020
A leaf left the branch burdened.
Leaves leave the bough barren.
Lizzie Feb 2020
Droning, droning, on and on,
The teacher sings a tuneless song.
My mind gives way to the beat
And finds lessons in counting sheep.

A week has passed, or maybe two.
How long it lasts! My patience is through.
But when I look at the time,
Its only been some minutes - nine.

"Turn to this page," the teacher says.
That's my cue: I lift my head.
I can play this boring game;
I'm master of attention feigned.

What's the point  of an hour
Dedicated to fruitless shower
Of words and words I've read before?
I tell you this, I can't take more.

Then it ends and we are free.
My mind floods over with relief,
Until I remember with pain
That soon we'll do it all again.
The views expressed in this poem do not neccesarily reflect the views of the author. ;)
Lizzie Apr 2018
Things are getting complicated
Ev'ry day I'm frust-erated
My hearts not in it, just my mind
Doubts are growing with the time

My mind is clearing, fog is gone
Every step I've made was wrong
By following the path to you
I'm binding my heart untrue.

You're a dream, you always were
But neither of our dreams concur
The galaxy you once called ours
Wasn't meant to hold my stars

I'm so sorry for the hurt I've brought
For keeping secret all these thoughts
I promise you have ev'ry right
To be upset at what I write

Though it wasn't meant to last forever
I'm thankful for our time together
And sincerely in these parting times
I wish for you the best of lives
Idk what to do... I don't want to be in this relationship anymore
Lizzie Dec 2017
ive always written in rhyme
if not at least meter
but right now my hearts as broken as my words

just as my friends who disappeared
betrayed my love or blocked me
they ripped out peices of my heart

so too have they ripped away my meter
my puntuation, grammar

i thought id get used to the pain
but i was wrong
these words still hurt your eyes
Lizzie Mar 2018
My boyfriend asked me one day
"Are you sure that you wanna date?
I'm broken."

I looked him in the eye
And laughed; when he asked why--
"I'm shattered."
Lizzie Feb 2021
Why do I do the things that I do?
I have so many reasons, which is true?
Am I jealous, or am I just blue?
Whatever the case, I can't help but love you.

I feel blind even though I can see.
I don't look trapped, but I'm still not free.
I hope that some day there will be
A person who can't help but love me.
Lizzie Nov 2020
I can't wait to leave,
Yet I never want to go.
Open up the door,
But please keep it closed.

I need a break from you,
Yet breaking really hurts.  
I need some time alone,
But loneliness is worse.

You'll be my missing peice,
But you're not part of me.
I want to cry in secret,
Yet I want your company.

I can't decide how I feel,
Yet my emotions are clear:
Though I want you to leave,
I want you to stay here.
Lizzie Feb 2021
Even though I know
Everything must be like so
How can I let go?
I keep hoping that somehow good things don't have to change, or that when they do it's all a bad dream.
Lizzie Feb 2021
Jealous love is not love at all,
But I can't deny his good taste,
And that makes him attractive.
My crush liked someone else.
Lizzie Feb 2020
I never thought I'd break my heart o'er a man,
But now daddy's death -- well, it can.
No one loved me like my dad did,
No one loved my dad as I did.

Now see, he weren't my real daddy,
But I know this, he ought to be.
It was more than music which born us close.
Whatter was? I don't quite know.

I met him for the love of music,
At that time, only for music.
I'd play and learn, and when not,
I'd put off lessons so I want caught.

But something grew there somehow
My teacher said, "Don't pay no more."
I didn't pay, and I didn't play,
At least not for me, but him.

Dont get me wrong, I loved my banjo,
But more I loved his smile so,
When I played, it were t'make him proud.
He always smiled, even when I failed.

Then one day he said, "I got this disease,
Wrecks my body - it's called CRP.
Can't move my arm no more at all,
Can't play that banjo on the wall.

So dear daughter, I want you to take
My banjo and play it for my sake."
It were't a beautiful banjo from head to neck
And sounded true in every fret.

So I took his picker and he my heart
Though it was his from the start.
I had no dad and him no daughter.
I think we was made for th'otter.

But work came, and college, too.
I saw him fewer, fewer, few.
I didn't write, I didn't call,
I barely played for him at all.

When I came back, he smiled his smile
"Hello, dear daughter, it's been awhile. "
We couldn't hug like old because
His body wasn't what it was.

I played for him, but played all wrong,
I messed up song and song and song,
"I'm sorry dad, I'm really rusty,
Life has kept me way too busy."
Although in my heart I knew,
It weren't completely true.

"I missed you daughter, it's okay,
You'll play better this next Saturday."
He smiled and laughed when it was said.
But it weren't true. Tuesday he was dead.

I met him for the love of music.
Loved music for the love of him.
But now that my dad is gone,
How will I ever play again?
Lizzie Feb 2020
They said that death and sorrow,
Will hurt today and hurt tomorrow--
That, like autumn to winter passing,
This heartbreak is not everlasting.
But, oh my God, he's gone! He's gone!

Sweet sleep replaced by horrid thought,
Memories the face of grieving shock,
I'm feeling nothing until, my God!
I can't believe he's gone, he's gone!

I saw him the other day, smiling like he always smiles,
Laughing like he always laughs.
We're meeting soon like we always meet.
But oh my God,  he's gone! He's gone!

All those times I could have called
I never got to say (I could have called)
How dearly I love him, oh God!
And now he's gone.
Lizzie Apr 2021
Dare to rejoice in a world full of sorrow,
Praising the Lord for the rain of tomorrow.
Bless Him on high Who spread out the sky.
Bless Him above Who invented the dove.
Bless Him below Who sprinkles the snow.
Bless the All Knowing for all the earth sowing.
Bless the Life Giver for every blue river.
Bless the All Might for sparking each light.
Dare to love in a world full of wrong.
Dare to break free and sing such a song.
Lizzie Nov 2021
I miss you more and more with each passing day.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say.
That's the beauty of it. But beauty is pain,
And I wish for awhile that it would go away.
Thinking of you always, I'm drowning in my grief.
I cry myself to sleep, where the comfort is brief,
And when I wake again, I find there's no relief.

I miss coming out of class and looking down to see
You on that bench, been waiting there for me,
One hand in your hair and the other in a book.
Now the bench is empty, and it pains me to look.
I miss running down the stacks, greeted by your smile
And you leaning backwards. And once in a awhile,
I'd be there first, and you'd greet me from behind.
Try as I might, I can't get you off my mind.

I miss so much about you that I don't know where to start,
From your head down to your toes, from your brain into your heart.
I miss holding hands and I miss holding each other.
I miss your intellect and our dialogues of laughter.
I miss your bouncing walk and your iconic gesture.
I miss your furrowed brow of deeply thinking thought.
I miss your boyish grin, and your misty eyes which caught
Me off guard, and brought me to a dead halt.
Oh, I miss these all and more, almost to a fault!

Oh Jon, I love you so much, increasingly so.
Sometimes it hurts so much that I don't know
Whether we're right for each other. But then,
It only hurts this much because I love you. Again,
I love you more and more because of who
You are, and nothing more. If only you knew
How much you mean to me, you and only you!
And some days it seems we're on parallel tracks,
Going the same way, but our understanding lacks;
And so we cannot touch, no matter how we try.
But the thing is that we do, together, you and I.
And we'll never stop trying, forever, you and I.
Lizzie Feb 2020
My bravery is spent,
My courage is gone,
My confidence is rent,
'Cause everything went wrong.

How can I beleive
And how can I dream
When there's Nothing left for me?

The only Happiness I have,
The only hope that I'll find,
Is accepting what is gone,
And leaving Hope behind.

Sometimes there's a hard line
Between Realism and Despair,
But other times that line seems to disappear.
Lizzie Oct 2020
I found a leaf of great decorum
Sitting midst the mealtime forum
Where crushing feet trod all day.

She was a fire of pastel wear,
White pento beads pinned here and there,
Or maybe liquid diamond dew.

A miracle must have been the cause
Or beauty-loving student pause
For her untouched presence there.

I saved her from untimely death,
Putting the lady safe to rest
Where only fairy feet will find her.
Lizzie Nov 2021
So much can be said of water and stone--
Both when they are together,
and when they are alone.

Flowing water seems to be so free
When going forth without a boundary.
When walled in too much, it grows
To be stagnant and green,
and very, very gross.
But if left to wander, it disperses everywhere,
Sinks into the ground, evaporates in air.
Without the stone to hold the water in,
It spreads out sadly...
and finally grows thin.

Water is better when it has a road,
Becomes a laughing brook or a river broad.
Only then can it hurl onward in majesty,
Pouring over cliffs, and sometimes sleepily
Like the Tiber, gracing the bridges of Rome,
Or carrying the ships
slowly toward their home.
Without the confinement
Of a fountain's spout,
The water could not fly upwards and out.
Without the aqueducts as the water's course,
Neither would the city have its life source.

A stone, furthermore,
is worn away with time
When beaten by the wind
and the salty brine.
And thus running water
grinds away the stone
Till we must conclude, it's better all alone.
The rock alone can breach
the reaches of the sky,
With soaring mountaintops
and steeples piercing high.
But without water,
what purpose would serve
From the daring leap of the bridge's curve?
What good would be gotten from a rock that's whole
When there is no water
to carve out natural bowls?

Stone is better when touched by the rain,
No longer dry and dusty but beautiful again,
For the colours of a rock are best seen
When it's underwater,
lightweight and clean.
Stones are sturdy,
but unwelcoming and rough.
They sooner become smooth
with water's gentle touch.

Maybe we are different, a dichotomy,
But without you, what then would I be?
Lizzie Sep 2021
Do diddly dum dee do
Diddly dum dee dee
Do diddly dum dee do
Diddly duddly dee

I saw a man
And he was handsome
Handsome as can be
And so I says to meself
I'd like that man for me
Diddly dum di di
I'll take that man for me.

But that man,
Alas, was taken
Taken as can be
And so I thinks to meself
If only he were free
Diddly dum di di
I'll make that man be free

Do diddly dum dee do
Diddly dum dee dee
Do diddly dum dee do
Diddly duddly dee

So I finds
His ain woman,
A lassie fair and sweet,
Grab her by her flaxen locks
And bind her pretty feet
Diddly dum di di
I bound her pretty feet.

But that lass
Alas, was young
A maid of just sixteen
She says, "I ne'er had no kiss
Won't ye have some mercy?"
Diddly dum di di
"Please have ye some mercy!"

Do diddly ... etc.

Me unloved heart
Was touched right then
And so I looked at she
Kissed her gently on th' cheek
And threw her in the sea
Diddly dum di di
I threw her in the sea.

The man I loved
When he heard
Of me awful deed
Swore to **** me the same way
Me death was his new creed.
Diddly dum di di
Me death was his sworn creed.

Do diddly... etc.

So when he seized
Me wild hair
And bound me to the knees
I said to him, "Do not forget
Tha kiss ye owe to me"
Diddly dum di di
"Tha kiss ye owe to me."

He leaned in close
His lips near main
And looked me in th' ee
He whispered then, "Ye go to hell"
And threw me in the sea
Diddly dum dee dee
He threw me in the sea.

Do diddly dum dee do
Diddly dum dee dee
Do diddly dum dee do
Diddly duddly dee.

A tousand years
I've burnt in hell
A tousand more I'll need
But with me love by me side
I won't regret me deed.
Do diddly dum dee dee
I won't regret me deed.
Lizzie Apr 2021
Hey, about that note--well, what can I say?
Thanks, I guess? You made my day.
Made it a little less great
Is what I meant.
So thank you for that spam you sent.
Sure, I'd "love" to see your free book,
Or XXGirls . com or--
Hey, look,
I've said my thanks, but apparently
You still have viruses for me.
Well, gee, I'm touched. How super nice.
Just f--- off. That's my advice.
Nice to get a note in my inbox today.
Lizzie Feb 2020
Life is catching up too fast.
I wanna hold, but it wont last.
I find myself choking on its dust,
Falling behind, turning to rust.

Today the tension built then broke.
While I was drinking, I laughed and choked.
My drink comes spurting out my nose,
Snot and tears and juice it flows;

Snot for the sake of humiliation,
Tears squeezed from my pure elation,
And apple juice because the fruit
Once was nice... until the boot.
Things are funniest when you're sleep-deprived.
Lizzie Feb 2020
You're so near to me, but I can't reach you;
So near to me, but I really need you;
So near to me, but I feel so lost;
Stretch out your hands, and help me God!

I'm drowning in sin, and it's all my fault.
I know that you're waiting with open arms,
But I stumble and fall (I'm blinded by pride);
Say the words, Lord, and open my eyes!

How many times will you bring me the day!
How many times will I turn you away!
How many times will I wish I had not!
Give me your grace, and help me God!

Temptation holds me - please set me free.
My heart is locked - you hold the key.
You ask me gently if you can come in,
But I deny you again and again.

These chains were made by my choice,
So God, don't listen to my voice!
Why do you ask? You know the truth.
I'm placing all my trust in you.

You're so close to me, but I can't reach you;
So close to me, but I really need you;
So close to me, but my spirit is poor;
Stretch out your hands, and be my savior!
Lizzie Feb 2020
It's not Your fault; You're just the epitome,
The manifestation of this society,
Or maybe the race as a whole -
From start to end, You played this role.

After all, was not Noah the sole fool
Who loved the Lord and became His tool?
And the sinful world around him jeered -
Lonesome Noah was thought quite weird.

You represent all my social trauma,
My insecurities and highschool drama.
You have everything I want to be.
I lie in chains but you are free.

Socrates, too, was condemned by You,
Killed with poison for the truth he knew.
You said it was for the good, but no,
It was Your pride that acted so.

You're popular, sporty, pretty, small.
I'm lonely, artsy, ugly, tall.
You do bad things and the teachers love you.
I do my best and... nothing.

Jesus was rejected by his own kind,
The Jews who had once been blind.
They mocked Him who deserved their praise,
Thanked His mercy with a wooden raise.

You're showy, bratty, loud, and cruel.
I'm nervous, friendly, quiet, a fool.
Wherever you go, you find friends.
I act like you and my hole deepens.

No, I'm not Noah nor Socrates,
Not Jesus or who else you please,
But I'm in a similar boat as they.
Tears and pain wash me today.

All the pain I feel inside my heart
Is worsened when You play Your part.
You're like all the others, but I chose
The model as the cause of my woe.
A jealous person tries to justify their hatred of someone with more popularity than them.
Lizzie Mar 2021
What happened to the snow?
It was freezing here
Just a sec ago!

Where did winter go?
The wind which froze my nose
Has ceased to blow
And I suppose
Has gone where nobody knows.

Whence did spring spring?

I was a fool to believe
Winter would leave
That easily
In a place like New England.
New England doesn't do seasons.
Lizzie Mar 2021
If I'm happy with where I be
Then that's fitting in enough for me.
I win.
Lizzie Aug 2018
For all the sadness in the world,
For all the suffering we behold,
For all the pride and hate and more,
Our lives are still worth fighting for.

For dappled shadows from the trees,
For lovely pastel autumn leaves,
For summertime humming bees,
We can live for things like these.

For stars in clear winter sky,
For snowflakes which softly fly,
For all the things that live and die,
These can be our reasons why.

For wishing that someone will care,
For love to have and love to share,
For spreading kindness everywhere,
Where there's life, hope is there.
Lizzie Apr 2018
I think my heart is breaking
I feel so dumb, so dead inside
And when I think of you
I cant stop the tears (I've tried)

It's not because we broke up
Its not the romantic pain
But because we're best friends
And suffer from this change

Last night when I was alone
I cried behind closed door
Used up all the toilet paper
And soaked the bathroom floor

It hurts not talking anymore
You meant so much, still do
But it also hurts to talk at all
Knowing what I've done to you

I feel like there's a wall between
Which I erected by mistake
We're still friends as you said
But now everything feels fake

Both of us, we're awkward passive
Like we're avoiding truths inside
We both want to tell each other
What we feel required to hide

They say heartbreak will come
From any love that's lost
And so I've found it to be true
As that's what leaving cost
I wouldnt change breaking up, it had to be done. I just wish there was a way I could change the outcome.
Lizzie Feb 2020
Feathers flutter, fly, and fall
White like bones against the Fall
Red; and from the gold raked lawn
Also startled, runs the fawn
Lizzie May 2021
Can we ever hope to find
These memories we leave behind?
And these ghosts of our past,
Can they ever hope to last?
Will anyone remember
Come the next September?
Lizzie Nov 2021
I wish I could believe
That somehow you were still here
But it's just too hard to stop the tears.
I cannot find a happy place,
'Cause everywhere there is a hole.
And everytime you are not there,
There's a falling in my soul.

I wish I could believe
That any moment now your feet
Would come crunching down this path.
I cannot stop the tears from falling
Like the cold, black waters of Merrimack,
And there is no comfort in this crying
When I keep wishing you were back.

I wish I could believe,
That you were sitting next to me.
I thought sitting by this stream
Would stop the streaming of my eyes,
But my sorrow cannot be sated,
When what was sweet, now is hated.
Lizzie Nov 2021
Sitting here on this cold, hard stone--
Once with you, but now all alone--
This cement block that's loved so dear,
Where many a laugh and many a tear
Have been shared and given here,
A place of the student and passerby,
But most of all, of you and I.
Sitting here, on this cold, hard stone,
My empty hands are missing home.
Lizzie Nov 2021
You never know what you have till it's gone,
But you've already left. It wasn't long
Till my heart began aching, and I'm so **** blue.
I can't remember how I would get through,
Or what things I used to do
All my life before I met you.
It must have been a solid hour
That I stood and cried in the steaming shower.
"It's not like he's dead," I had thought then
Before I realized, "Anything could happen."
Stupid tears, hateful thoughts, please go away.
I have no motivation. It's been only a day,
But it feels like it's been ever so long.
You don't know what you have till it's gone.
Lizzie Nov 2021
Maybe there's nothing left in my eyes,
Maybe I'm finally too tired to cry;
Either way, my face is now dry
And the numbness is setting in.

Maybe I've been shivering too long,
Maybe the wind isn't that strong;
Either way, the cold is gone,
And the numbness is setting in.

Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow,
Maybe I'll get used to the sorrow;
Either way, the pain will all go,
With the numbness settled in.
Lizzie Feb 2015
You can't see it
But my face is washed with tears
You can't hear it
But my heart is breaking in two
You can't feel it
But I'm loosing all my strength
You don't know it
But I'm not as strong and happy as I pretend to be.

Those stains on the pillow
Are made by tears
Those drawings in that book
Are inspired by sadness
Those messes on the floor
Are made by stress
And the hate in my heart
Is made by loneliness.

They say when you're down, they only way is up
But what if this pit is bottomless?
This is the first free-verse poem I ever made. Please tell me what you think! Should I continue making free-verse, or should I stick with good old fashioned rhyme?
Lizzie May 2015
I danced in the rain today
It washed all my cares away
But I soon realized
When I went inside
That the feeling wasn't permanent.
Lizzie Feb 2020
I don't effing know what's wrong -
My brain's a mess just like this song;
I sing to the beat and I play this game,
Will I always be the effing same?

I don't like the person I pretend to be,
But **** truth is, I don't even know me,
Changed and shaped by all around
(Without them, I'd be heaven-bound).

Or would I be in hell with Satan?
Cause unless I am mistaken,
My soul is twisted, my heart is cracked.
I just need an effing smack!

These evil thoughts that plague my mind
Take the truth and mix in lies.
I'd take a sponge and scrub them raw,
Remove every thought, but naw,

I'm cursed to live in indecision,
Going on without precision,
Wondering do I have a mission,
Cracking in my heart this fission!

What the eff is wrong with me?
I keep on hoping to believe
That who's saying all this ****
Is only me, and that's it.
Lizzie Aug 2020
If only the world would pause for a moment--
Then how quiet it would be!
Only the birds and the wind and the sky,
And also there'd be you and I.
Once the world moved slowly,
But now were going faster than even the wind can fly.
Lizzie Nov 2021
Today I love you more than I can say,
Quite like I loved you yesterday.
Who knows what feelings tomorrow might bring,
But today my thoughts center on one thing:
I think we're compatible (we're made in the same batch).
Sometimes it seems we're a heaven-made match.
But playing with matches never ends up well:
What starts with a spark turns into hell.

Today I love you, I love you so much,
And I can never love you enough.
Every trouble that we overcome
Brings us closer. But there's one
Problem. Yes, the word is out;
I must confess: I have a doubt.

Today I love you--I love you more each day.
Oh, how I wish it would always be this way.
But the fears that whisper to me sometimes
Refuse to give vent to better love rhymes.
And so, my dearest, if I see it clearly,
When I'm hurting, it hurts too dearly.

But at least for today,
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Lizzie Apr 2018
I wanted to write something for you
For when you're off late at night
But I don't have the inspiration
That's needed for me to write

It seems the only thing that works
To leak what's in my heart
Is to write in verse and rhyme
Though my poems aren't that smart

And honestly I kinda doubt
Whether you like or tolerate
The kind of things I send to you
Which I never do quite right

I wanna tell you everything
That's inside of me contained
But I somehow I must do it right
I don't want to give you pain

But I also fear if I'm too quiet
I'll hate myself some day
And the path I'm taking right now
Seems to go that way

I honestly hope you're right
That I'm walled in what I do
I hope you find some love in me
If/when you break through

But the truth I must confess
Is that I'm full of fear
What if there's nothing inside
And my doubts are real?

Should I break up with you
To save us later pain?
Or should we continue on
And see if I change?

You deserve a better girl
Its who I wanna be
But I can't force my heart
And love you honestly

Everything I've said is sincere
You're wonderful, I swear
From your love to your patience
You're amazing beyond compare

I don't know where I'm going with this
I hate myself for doing this
I'm no better than a peice of ****
I wish you would soon believe it
Lizzie Jun 2015
This is my conclusion
We’re all in an illusion
Our minds go blank
Our thinking tanks
Have just refreshed forgotten.

By some imagination
All our thoughts are rationed
I believe
We’re deceived
A separate dimension.

What I’m saying has been said
What you’re reading has been read
There is no original
All we do is fictional
Our existence is a fantasy.

‘Uh-huh, sure, totally’
You think this is just poetry
I hope you realize
It’s your own demise
But you never will believe me.
Lizzie Jul 2021
Why do I feel inspired
When I'm left worn and tired?
Why does poetry fill my head
When I'm wishing I were dead?
Why does my writing only gain
When my life is filled with pain?
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