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LC Feb 2020
There was me
Then there was you
You didnt deserve me
And I knew
But I protected myself from the truth
I let my mind form a different image of you
To continue this feeling, this connection I never thought I would get
But little did I know   
Even though you felt like home
You also had demons of your own
Now with yours and mine,
I'm forced to fight
Just because I failed to see that timing was never right
LC Feb 2020
Thank you
Thank you for the memories
I will carry them with me
Thank you for showing me that things aren't always meant to be
Thank you for not being honest with me
Now I know I cant just trust anybody
Thank you for making me feel like I wasn't enough
For I saw how much I have to give and it was you who wasn't doing too much
Thank you for the sleepless nights
It made me realize that things weren't right
Last but not least, thank you for being you
Because I learned that I am way better off with you
LC Feb 2020
Your eyes speak to me
They whisper all of the little secrets you wish to say, but cant
I know you feel the tension too
The way you look at me, is the same way I feel about you
But what is this game we are playing?
This tug of war with our emotions
One step closer and pride pulls us back quickly
If only we can knock down these walls we both built to stay apart
If only we didn't fear love
If only we allowed it to open our hearts
Instead you and I are complicated
We're too stubborn to see eye to eye
These words could be easier to say
But I can't let you win
So I play because you play
And until someone can put their pride away
We will never know the words we both wish to say
LC Feb 2020
Feeling lost and still confused
I find myself filling the empty void with people just like you
Of course it may be a distraction
It doesn't last for long
Because once I notice
The thought of you follows and then the connection feels wrong
But in the end there is no you or me
So I continue to pretend you mean nothing to me
LC Feb 2020
So scared to let anybody in
You make it seem so easy to give in
Feeding me things I have never received
Makes me feel bad because I know it will hurt when I'll leave
I'm sorry, but this is how it needs to be
To stop things in advanced in case of another repeat
Because I see the way you look at me
And now I need to keep you far away from me

— The End —