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Jul 2017 · 478
Kimberly Heart Jul 2017
Don't look at me
with those hypnotic eyes
forcing me to fall weak

Don't speak to me
with that entrancing voice
that portrays lies, spells that lures me to you

Don't hold me
with that enchanted touch
that keeps me spellbound

Don't kiss me at night
with the moon bright outside
as it gives you power and temptation

Don't try
for I know the truth
I know what you are
His "love" is compared to a witch casting a spell that forces her to love him back
Jul 2017 · 158
Kimberly Heart Jul 2017
"I have it all but yet I can't have her"
she gave him love and affection but she had a man of her own
Jul 2017 · 307
Perfect for you
Kimberly Heart Jul 2017
when we hugged
I was the perfect size
to lay my head on your chest and hear your heat beat

When we made love
my ******* were the perfect size
for your hands to fill

When we held hand
the spaces were the right size
for every finger to interlock with yours

When we kissed
my head was the perfect size
for you to hold with one hand and gently rub with your thumb

But in real life
am I the perfect girl
to live the rest of my life with you and to build a future with?
Mar 2017 · 247
lust me, dont love me
Kimberly Heart Mar 2017
Oh dear luster.

Today I felt your lips after a long time. The immediate intimacy is still there but this time i felt another on your lips, you did not taste like how I remembered you. I looked into your eyes and I did not see me, so I kept them closed but still I could feel another on your lips.
I could feel her because you tasted like regret, I could feel her because you touched me with remorse. So I looked into your eyes once more but all I saw was thirst. You had me turnt me into a savage - one that knew nothing about feelings for it was never practiced. It died within and it was then I realise the regret and remorse I tasted on you came from within me, how could I have let you in again after I knew you will never by my lover for you only practice lust.

You're my luster
Take your time reading this. Understand it with great emotion.  I had to share this beautiful piece from someone so close to me ...
Sep 2015 · 255
Kimberly Heart Sep 2015
"It's not the words of the bully that hurt me
It's the silence of my friends"
Sep 2015 · 967
Kimberly Heart Sep 2015
This is so hard
Different than i thought
Maybe I'm just not suited here
That's what I am

My poems,
If they even worthy enough to be called one.
They can't even compare to the poems here.
Maybe I'm not suited here
That's what I am

I want my words to flow like yours
For everyone to read with hungry eyes
Respect my work
But maybe I'm not suited here
That's what I am
Maybe I'm over exaggerating
Sep 2015 · 214
Kimberly Heart Sep 2015
"But your life's perfect" they tell me
Haha if only they knew
Aug 2015 · 494
Dear Dad...
Kimberly Heart Aug 2015
"Whats wrong with you?" You ask
With that careless tone in your voice
Just standing there and asking
Like you have no choice

Frown on your face
as you watch my tears fall
I stare at you thinking
Dont you care at all?

"What wrong?!" you ask again
This time with frustration
And i know you're thinking
That im just looking for attention

A thousand reasons
But none you'll understand
So i simply shake my head
And wipe the tears with my hand

You moan and leave the room
Not understanding my pain
But how can i ask you to
If you always think im insane

I know things are different now
After your stroke
But you always treat me
As if im a joke

I want things to be back to normal
For everything to change
Where im your little girl
And just start a new page
I still love you
Aug 2015 · 343
Time to hide
Kimberly Heart Aug 2015
Time to hide again
To place her mask on
That shines beautiful smiles
For hundreds of miles

But her eyes
How could they betray her?
The hurt and weariness stays
For everyone to gaze

Years of hurt and suffering
She is too weak to keep it in
Tears fall from her eyes
From her soul that slowly dies

No one would take her serious
For they won't understand
No one should hear her cries
If so, she simply denies

Time to hide again
To place her mask on
But it's slowly breaking
By her heart that's aching
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Kimberly Heart Aug 2015
Freedom is just a word to me.
Freedom is what I long for!

Sitting on this jail bed
Wishing to escape:
These constant fights
These burglar bars
These lonely nights
and emotional scars

Freedom is just a word to me.
Freedom is what I long for!
Jul 2015 · 892
Kimberly Heart Jul 2015
Let's escape from this world
Let the skateboards be our guide
Let the music fill our bodies
Let the wind run through our hair
Let us laugh till we have no breath
Let us shout as loud as we want
Let us kiss like there is no tomorrow
Let me hold you and enjoy your company
For we have nothing to lose.

But life is not as easy.
Let me go back to reality
Let me realise that I have no freedom
Let me realise this is not a fairytale
This is nothing but a dream...
Jul 2015 · 882
Kimberly Heart Jul 2015
Poetry is not :
Just words that rhyme,
Words for attention
Or words of depression.

Poetry is not :
Only for the dark and deep hearted.
For ones with high vocabularies
Or talent and skill.

But rather for the unspoken.
Who are afraid to be judged
by words of the spoken.

Poetry :
Is a place where words are free
I was also one to judge poetry
But it changed my life ...

— The End —