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Dec 2019 · 60
Kanishka Dec 2019
When you first met me,
I was still broken.
My world, a draught ridden plateau.
Desolateness stretched till horizon.
Fire screeched through the soil.
As time passed, clouds condensed.
I wont say you were the first showers,
But the ones that turned buds to flowers.
One of the thirteen roles of him.
Dec 2019 · 58
Hold Back
Kanishka Dec 2019
My heart drowns a bit more each day,
Blood seeps in through the cracks.
Enduring through a lifetime of storms,
It may have grown frail or strong.
But the knowledge of it is not worth the test,
So let it flow through the eyes and
Hope the heart makes it to surface at rest.
Dec 2019 · 134
Kanishka Dec 2019
I saw a full moon tonight.
The one which brings peace,
At the quiet of night.
I am in my prime in its presence.
Would it be okay for the starry sky
If I do?
Nov 2019 · 69
Kanishka Nov 2019
Wearing your clothes I can feel you beside me,
The fibres blending into my skin, becoming one.
Caressing my blemishes and beauty evenly.
Screening me from the cold and harsh.
Oh how could I ever give it up?
How could I ever give you up?
Nov 2019 · 169
Kanishka Nov 2019
The essence of you lingers on.
You stand there with your arms open,
A welcoming fire.
I walk in and feel my layers evade,
Catching fire.
Burning till cessation of existence.
The essence of you lingers on.
Nov 2019 · 84
The Fence I'd Never Cross
Kanishka Nov 2019
With your skin so near to me,
How can I do anything but crave to touch you?
The warmth it radiates draws me closer,
Inch by inch, breath by breath.
The desire grows stronger with
Every resist, every denial.
And when you finally let me trespass
There's no place I'd rather be,
No other fence I'd ever surpass.
Give love another chance.
Oct 2019 · 254
Kanishka Oct 2019
Time seems to fly by at the speed of light,
When I'm with you, so close
That it makes me suspect,
It may be all lies or love.
Fall in and help me decide,
What's better
To radiate darkness or light?
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Oct 2019 · 240
Definition or Consequence?
Kanishka Oct 2019
The tree holds onto the ground even after a flood and dies of suffocation.
I guess that's what love does to you.
Oct 2019 · 340
Empty Mug
Kanishka Oct 2019
I know its empty today
but someday I'll be your sunshine
And make your morning warm and cozy
With a hot cup of coffee.
This one is for him.
Oct 2019 · 134
Kanishka Oct 2019
"You dont speak much"
I've heard that too many times
But what will you do after
Your forever turned into laughter?
Pieces of your heart scatter,
Feeling served on the wrong platter,
Wanna run away from love faster,
Ain't nobody can fix me, nah no pastor.
"Why cant you trust me?"
Rings in my ear like wind chimes.
No one knows what it took to,
To again become one from two,
I bared my soul, I bared my body,
I changed my life, I changed my story.
I've been through seven hells,
Hoping all's well that ends well.
"Are you okay? Hope you're alright."
If I was, wont have written this rhyme.
No, I've been trying to be normal.
Getting sleep, I ain't nocturnal.
Now I know you think I'm hungover,
Come here, let's trade our shoes over.
This no sad song, this a rap battle.
If you didn't realise, do a do over.
I'm beginning to feel like a...
Sep 2019 · 215
Kanishka Sep 2019
I walk on this road while,
The winds conspire our union.
It might take longer than the true intend,
But I know that together we'll transcend.
Watch the road that led me to this on instagram @kanishkagupta.19
Sep 2019 · 146
Sycamore Tree
Kanishka Sep 2019
I wish I had saved those poems,
The words portraying our love.
I wish I had done something more,
To sleep with you forever under this sycamore.
Jul 2019 · 11.9k
Conditional Love
Kanishka Jul 2019
I love you with all my might,
All my heart and all my life.
But if you fail to put up with my battles,
I'll cleave our bonds with a knife.
Jul 2019 · 273
Kanishka Jul 2019
I wouldn't praise our love today,
I won't dedicate you any song.
Not because something's not right
But because I'm afraid.
So I will admire us and let it live on.
Jul 2019 · 893
Quote Unquote
Kanishka Jul 2019
Behind every successful man,
There is a woman.
To achieve this ideology,
I'm crumbling myself to pieces,
As best as one can.
I'm willingly giving myself up to this social construct. Everything we do for an unreciprocating love.
Kanishka Jul 2019
I didn't feel like writing today.
I was afraid I'd say the unsaid.
I dont wanna face the truth,
I dont wanna give up on us.
Why cant you come back to me,
And be the way it's supposed to be?
But alas I'm a poet. I must write.
Jul 2019 · 893
Kanishka Jul 2019
I'm like carbon.
Under the right pressure I'll turn into diamond.
But if exceeded I'll break,
Forever worsened.
There's a limit to my tolerance.
Jul 2019 · 807
Kanishka Jul 2019
I'm like a closed door,
Not locked just shut.
People gather around.
But none of them so bold,
Willing to cross my threshold.
Would you come in?
Jun 2019 · 681
Under The Soil
Kanishka Jun 2019
I lie on my bed all curled up in myself.
No lights, no ventilation, no disturbance.
There's no spark that would lead me out of this cave.
I'm suffocating on my thoughtless brain wave.
There's no one I know coming to me to save.
I desire nothing lord, put me back in my grave.
The rocks and soil will make a comfortable bed I suppose.
Jun 2019 · 396
Kanishka Jun 2019
You held my hand and I learned to walk,
You spoke to me and I learned to talk.
You gave me a pencil and I learned to write,
You gave me wings and I took a flight.

To make you proud is all I aim for,
I know you'll save me whenever I'm at war.
No words but one can describe
The respect, the love and the admiration
Happy Father's Day to all the great and amazing dads of the world.
Jun 2019 · 126
Life Giver
Kanishka Jun 2019
Dear mom and dad,
It's only after I was alone that I realised
The world is cruel it won't let me stand
Without you both there's nothing I'd understand.
I miss you already.
Jun 2019 · 79
Incomplete Lessons
Kanishka Jun 2019
There's always a good choice and a bad choice I've heard,
But they are akin in my mind.
No voice in my head guides me to one,
And I lose to them no matter what I've done.
Everyone has their own perception of good. How am I supposed to live up to all of them?
How am I supposed to stay afloat?
May 2019 · 313
Kanishka May 2019
Back when we were so close,
Was when I felt heaven's touch.
Now you're far away from me,
And I crave for you so much.
Come back, be here.
May 2019 · 217
21 May
Kanishka May 2019
Let my heart break with the truth about what was happening,
But don't make me miserable with a lie you find comforting.
I can try and fail to forget this.
May 2019 · 187
Kanishka May 2019
All have love as the cause and love as the victim.
May 2019 · 47
Kanishka May 2019
Put a knife to my throat and split it open,
You won't notice blood gushing out.
When I ran out of tears my eyes bled,
I'm hollow now, even my soul fled.
If only those bad dreams go away...
May 2019 · 811
Kanishka May 2019
I wish I was an aurora.
My performance will be a blissful rare site.
I'll dance from sky to sky unhindered at night.
My manoeuvre making spectators gasp.
Witnessing me sing will render luck bright.

I wish I was an aurora,
My lovers would camp despite freezing just to peek.
They'll try to touch me but fail.
They'll hold me dear only to lose me instantly.
I'll be their memory, remembered vividly.

I wish I was an aurora.
I'll be the goddess of dawn.
I'll be the chariot of light in darkness.
I'll harbour revolutions in lives.
I'll enlighten everyone as my own.

I wish I was an aurora.
I'll be valued and worshipped by some.
But I'm not an aurora,
I'll die insignificant and glum.
May 2019 · 173
At The End
Kanishka May 2019
I'm not good at being young,
I'm not beaming with life,
I'm regularly petrified of being old
And accepting it all with my withering lung.
What if my existence is a failure?
May 2019 · 145
Kanishka May 2019
Here I am on my knees atoning for my sins.
The stars shine brighter sitting under them with you,
The bed feels warmer sleeping next to you.
If I get a million lifetimes, I would spend them loving you.
Again. Everytime.
I should've done this sooner.
May 2019 · 1.5k
Kanishka May 2019
One of these nights will be the last,
When I cry to sleep because of you.
One of these mornings will be the first,
When I wake up happy in a life without you.
May 2019 · 380
Kanishka May 2019
There's always more to it than meets the eye.
Two flowers behind the fence house a million stories,
Insurmountable for all to tell by.
For some it's just two unnoticible flowers,
For some it's the cradle of spring,
For some it's imagery of prison,
For some it's lovers in their haven,
For some it's forbidden opportunities,
For some it's consequence of a strife,
For some it's an offering to a loved one,
For some it's just the cycle of life.
May 2019 · 249
Dry eyes
Kanishka May 2019
Do you sometimes feel so sad
That ground beneath your feet disappear?
That your heart strings break?
That your mouth goes completely dry?
That your eyes can't even shed a tear?
Don't do this to me again god...don't
May 2019 · 235
Why Always A Lemonade?
Kanishka May 2019
When life gives you lemons,
                      Make a face mask out of it.
It's really good for your skin :D
May 2019 · 90
Inspired By A Classic
Kanishka May 2019
Be humble in your triumph,
Be audacious in your defeat.
And if we don't learn lessons from our loss,
We'll find hanging by our neck an albatross.
I know it doesn't give out the right interpretation but I just wanted to tell how disastrous it will be if we don't learn the lessons life has to offer.
May 2019 · 251
Make it Count
Kanishka May 2019
Today I suffered discomposure,
Tomorrow world may bring order.
But I don't postpone my satisfaction.
For time once lost, can't be gained over.
Live every moment of your life to the fullest.
May 2019 · 75
Face It, Make It!
Kanishka May 2019
In fear lies disgrace.
Never be afraid to fall.
Pick yourself up from the dirt.
Remould,rebuild and rekindle.
Live on.
Reform yourself into the person you always thought you could be.
May 2019 · 127
Slow Death
Kanishka May 2019
Stab me everywhere but my heart,
So that I can love you a little while longer.
If only you could see how much I yearn for you,
If only you could love me back too.
I don't know how to give up on you, if you could just be you and love me, nothing would matter.
May 2019 · 221
Misleading Welfare
Kanishka May 2019
I got lured by the match you had,
I let you break down my walls.
Instead of illuminating my dark corners,
You burned me into an ash doll.
Can't figure out how to live again.
May 2019 · 135
Kanishka May 2019
I think I stopped living today.
I never thought you'll abandon our ship for real but here I am now,
All alone and opening my arms to the demons.
I'm not fine.
Apr 2019 · 145
Two Singularities
Kanishka Apr 2019
My body houses two selves.
Former fulfilling my heart's desire,
Later obeying what my mind dictates.
For you I'll light my brain on fire.
Maybe I'll settle for this love.
Apr 2019 · 273
Thoughtless Mind
Kanishka Apr 2019
A poet suffocates on lack of words,
A blank sheet and an empty soul.
For there is nothing more torturous,
Than when his muse renounces her role.
Apr 2019 · 497
On A Leash
Kanishka Apr 2019
Just as I let my tears part,
My eyes burst in flames,
Reminding me to leash my feelings,
For wilderness is not safe for the tame.

— The End —