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  Oct 2015 ardeen
Sumina Thapaliya
You cant save my life
I am drawn
drawn in my own pain

You cant make me happy
I am covered
Covered with my own grief

You cant read me
I am written in the paper
damped by my own tears
  Oct 2015 ardeen
I know you want her but I promise you its gonna be who stays up with you  until 5 am when you and your dad get in a fight and you need someone to talk to.
I know she's prettier but I promise you I'm gonna be the one who reminds you that your scars are the places where you are the strongest and to keep holding on.
I know she's smarter but I want to be the one who comes home and makes you dinner and asks you about your day.
I know she's funnier but I promise to laugh at all of your bad jokes.
I know you have history with her but we can write our own story.
I know she's better for you but I promise I'll be so alone without you.
I promise to love as hard as I can.
  Oct 2015 ardeen
Will you come back?
  Oct 2015 ardeen
Infamous one
From our 1st kiss to our last date
Everything reminds me of you
I wanted to be your number one not one of many
Remember seeing the passion in your eyes
As time passed that love turned to hate
All the hurt made everything fade away
Reminded of the good times and wish you stayed with me
Bad times burned the good away
From friends to strangers
Eyes tell a stories sad or mad that's how others read it
  Oct 2015 ardeen
stacey renei
You were my little hometown,
somewhere I could stay forever,
somewhere I could grow old in,
somewhere I was content.

I was your little hometown,
somewhere you grew up in,
but wanted to leave in the long run,
somewhere you were never content.

We used to sit by the pond,
and talk about the future,
I talked about ours
but you talked about yours.

We lie under the stars,
realizing how minute we were,
I got lost within the galaxy in your eyes,
while you never took notice of mine.

If I told you that I loved you,
(which I never did)
I know it’d never cross your mind,
to tell me you loved me back
(because you never did)

In your eyes, I was just your little hometown
Stranded in the middle of nowhere,
Somewhere you’ll never reach far.
In me, you thought you’d never make it anywhere.
So just like every protagonist in every story ever told,
you ditched your little hometown.
ardeen May 2015
you're such a foreign concept
you're a complexity that can't be measured on a scale of one to ten
you're a paradox
you're a star yet to collapse
you're a light at the end of a tunnel


you're none of those.

you were my world.
you were a complexity
I suppose I saw through your facade in the end.
ardeen May 2015
i love you.

i love you like your need
to always get the last word.

i love you like your love
for music. i love your focus.

i need you.

i need you like the stars
need to shine.

i need you like the seastar
needs the saltwater to live.

i want you.

i want you like a volcano
wants to destroy.

i want you like a writer
wants to immortalize his love.

*i love you.
for you, mi amore.
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