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Kim B Dec 2019
love doesn't tiptoe
the end of the beginning
never first again
Kim B Oct 2019
lung collapsed no breath
Crumpled to the floor three times
death not close enough
8/22/2019 hospitalized - very long recovery ahead
Kim B Aug 2019
Gunmen rampaging
Nowhere seems safe anymore
Broken government
Kim B Jul 2019
My soul feels consumed
I own so much shame and guilt
No room for hope here
this is not new but the sentiment lingers
Kim B Jul 2019
Our world when we are small.
Our bane when teenaged.
Our friend as an adult.
Our loss when death takes.
My Mom died 33 years ago as of May 30, 2019 - she was only 55.  She has much been on my mind.  (7/01/2019)
Kim B Jan 2019
Alone but not
Lonely but not

A true conundrum
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