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'Cause I am falling faster like a train of love
Coming right and getting close to you
And I am falling faster like the speed of light
Shining bright and chasing over you
Now I am closer into you

As the lyrics goes, my mind was blown
I'm falling for you...
What should I do?
I'm not yet ready to fall.
The scars,
The memory that we shared, was still new
I'm afraid that I might hurt you
*What should I do if I'm falling for you?.
Lyrics from December Avenue
Sa bawat pagpintig nang puso
Sa bawat ngiti mo
Sa pagmamahal
Mga matatamis na salitang binibigkas mo
Sana hanggang sana na lang ako
Sana ako na lang ang mahal mo....
Please don't leave
You promised me that you'll stay
We'll create some memories
Beautiful memories
Happiness not sorrow would you give.
But here I am waiting
Waiting for you to come back.
Saying that you love me
That you are wrecked without me.
And you are happy beside me.
I was an epitome
But not a typical one
I was embedded in the past
With no words to flaunt
I was haunted
But I am grand

— The End —