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  Jul 2015 Kacey M Stalla
Tell me you know how it feels... To be sent into a downward spiral. To be controlled by pills. To have minimal control over yourself. To not feel happy in your own body. These 'clichés' are uncontrollably perpetuated by the society we live in. Annoying. Attention seeking. If only you truly understood...

Kacey M Stalla Jul 2015
I am not alone.

but I am sitting here with no company to keep
and so I feel lonely

I am not ugly.

but still I stare at this reflection as if it will change
and so I don't feel all that pretty

I am not stupid.

but here I am questioning what the hell is wrong with me
and so I feel inferior

I am not crazy.

but here I am.
and again.

I am questioning everything that is me

from the fabric I am wearing to the very fabric of my being
I am laying powder and sprouting mountains

I am surrounding myself with negativity
and somehow I am feeling so alive when I know I shouldn't be

I am not happy.

and I can say everything that I am not
but I can not figure out what I am feeling

I am not okay.

But my heart is beating
and so I keep trying

— The End —