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 Aug 2020 Lost in my Head
Your fingers are caught,
entangled in my ribs,
my heart is in your palm,
and our time is running thin.

If this is what it feels like,
to fall out of love,
then I take back every kiss,
I take back every touch.
I wanted to shine bright for you,
You encouraged me,
Told me we'd shine together
The brightest light.

When I shone,
You put on your spectacles,
So that my light doesn't get to you.
When I asked,
You said you had eye problem.
When I asked,you said you had eye problems. When you was sunshine yourself. Why?
Does love even exist?
I'd like to know if its out there.
The people who say they love me really don't at all.
After all...what is love?
 Aug 2019 Lost in my Head
because of you
when feel defeat  
i now bleed black ink
to hello poetry:
thank you for giving me an outlet. a place where I can speak freely when i am at my lowest, in the darkest place i can reach. thank you for giving me a place to i can put the thoughts that i cant comprehend in my head, and making me realize I'm not alone. i cannot thank you enough!
I love your bright smile,
I love your soft warm kiss
Each day with you
It truly magical,
You make my heart beat faster​ than normal,

Every day I love you more,
I see the butterflies and
Birds flying,
The rainbows across the
Blue sky shining, I smile,

Thinking about you,

My love, I have been blessed
With you in my life,

So take my hands​,

As I kiss you softly,

I Whisper too you,

I’ll never let you go sweetheart, because I'm​ forever in love you....
True Love
 Jul 2019 Lost in my Head
You are like ice but I don’t have enough fire to melt you
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