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 Jun 2021 Him
 Jun 2021 Him
bury me with spirits i betrayed

ill fall wherever your name is laid

every second that I breathe

i will chip my life away.

i will drink

i will smoke

holding words never spoke.

redemption, ascension always slow.

self harm like a mark on a stone,

im proficient in being alone,

loving walls like my life's on a reel,

but all that's real is already done.
 Feb 2021 Him
Imran Islam
I find you in that morning sky,
in the bird songs and the fresh air
I find you in the flower
with sweet smell!
You're in the happiness of bees.

You're on wet leaves of dew
and in the early dawn
You're in the green branches of spring
You're at the beginning of ray.
O God, the rising sun follows
your command every day.

Oh my God,
Bless me like this beautiful nature!
I pray to you this heavenly morning-
Give me patience and make me pious;
Lord, forgive me with your mercy, please!
My latest book "Love Falls With Tears" is live on amazon.
 Feb 2021 Him
Scared to Rot
 Feb 2021 Him
I used to feel so easy to love but maybe
I’m just eager to please
because no one thinks
to love the girl
who looks best

They step on my knuckles and it’s a compliment
to stand and watch me bleed.
Wrap my hair around
their wrists and smile,
fill my mouth

They tell me not to cry, or think, or speak, but I
have been crushed between teeth
and swallowed quickly
more times than not.
Scared to rot,
 Feb 2021 Him
Mental health
 Feb 2021 Him
People are scared to reach out,
Suicide is not a topic to joke about.
You are always fine
Until you say your last line.

Depression is a fight
You can't see the light.
All you see is dark
You life is a big question mark.

The pain doesn't seem to end
You pushed away ever single friend.
Hope is nowhere to be found
You are always the one in the background.
 Feb 2021 Him
Fenna Capelle
I have to leave this palace
With its unforgiving gaze
The jealousy's meticulous
The green eyed envy of its face

This heart shall have some peace then
For it comes away to thee
And it shall write for pangs of love
And the art of liberty

This world has asked the ransom
For some forgotten child
That learned to fear her own ambition
That never wept nor ever smiled

But the quality of beauty
Is hidden from itself
Her mirror cracked from side to side
What cause had I for vanity
For I knew that dark was right

But this mind shall have some comfort then
For it comes away to thee
And it shall love for reason's sake
Her own deformity
 Feb 2021 Him
JM Cazemier
 Feb 2021 Him
JM Cazemier
She would hold my hand

and look at me.

Pearls in her eyes,

like mine.

I don't have her eyes,

hers are blue,

mine are green,

but I could see myself in hers,

a faint mirror image

like looking into a lake.

Pearls on her cheeks,

whiter than mine.

I have young cheeks,

still burning red,

reacting like a traffic light,

to everything new and exciting.

She said that changes,

when you're older.

We sat there,

mine hand in hers.

I don't have hands like that,

hers are long like pianists,

wrinkled and full of character,

interesting hands.

Mine are young and smooth,

like a dolls hands.

So small they disappeared,

when we held hands.

And so freezing cold,

I would take her hands,

just to steal a little warmth.
 Feb 2021 Him
Ian Dunn
Paper Flower
 Feb 2021 Him
Ian Dunn
I made this for you
It's not much
Just a paper flower
Folded with care

I could've gone to the store
Picked one out
Found the most beautiful flower
And bought it just for you

But this one has something special
It has my heart and soul in it
A piece of me
that's just for you

This is more than just a flower
This is my gift to you
I want you to have it
So a piece of me will always be with you
 Jan 2021 Him
Abhishek kumar
I would like to be a beautiful memory
Then a forgettable past
And in order to achieve this
I leave people before they have a chance
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