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 Jan 2021 Him
Mr Shankley
I’m the master of darkness
You can’t seem to find,
I’m the recluse in the light;
Too divine,
In the bedroom waiting tight,
Inspired on the balcony
With the rhythm alive,
She seems to curse me
With every sound she makes,
And disagrees
With every breath I take,
Another love on a starlit night;
Wine is blood,
Heart is spite.
By Peter Wolfe (wolfman)
 Jan 2021 Him
 Jan 2021 Him
Tonight, I watch as the moon shields herself away from the earth with the clouds
I wish I could tuck myself away as easily as she
Instead, I am pulled under, away from everything


Although it is dark where I sit at the bottom
My lungs are too full
And I’ve run out of spite to fight the weight that settles me
The pressure is pushing down on my limbs
I feel crushed, it uses too much energy to move
And I’m tired

My supply of will has run cold
Overwhelmed and desolate
I will watch as the moon shines above
As I cry below
jan 21 2021 12:08 am

— The End —