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 Feb 2019 Herselfher
The Sun.
 Feb 2019 Herselfher
She said,
she loves stargazing.
she spends hours to look at the sky.
& talking,
& contemplating.
She loves night sky,
where only she, the moon & the stars blink.

But doesn't she realise that,

The Sun is also a star?
 Feb 2019 Herselfher
Sometimes all you can do is wait.
Wait for the tears,
Wait for the relief.
But sometimes they don't come.
You lay down,
You state at the roof,
You shake with sadness.
The tears don't come
And the relief doesn't come.
 Feb 2019 Herselfher
i told myself i would
not wait for love

but what am i to do
if he is standing
right here
To love is to share life together,
to build special plans just for two,
to work side by side,
and then smile with pride,
as one by one, dreams all come true.

To love is to help and encourage
with smiles and sincere words of praise,
to take time to share,
to listen and care
in tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special,
one on whom you can always depend
to be there through the years,
sharing laughter and tears,
as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall,
of all the good things
that sharing life brings.
Love is the greatest of all.

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing and caring
and having my dreams all come true;
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being and loving with you.
Dedicated  to all the lovers in the world
 Feb 2019 Herselfher
Grace E
Attack me with
And I’ll conquer you
With my peace
 Feb 2019 Herselfher
It wasn’t your fault
I agree people mistake sugar for salt
You were sweet like honey
Along the journey....
Your sweetness decayed
Crystallising bitterness

At the end...

You left me betrayed and senseless
 Feb 2019 Herselfher
Yet to shine!

The golden side is yet to shine
The mountains within are still to rise
The shadows in the valley are yet too dark
But the peaks at the top are in my sight..

The lonely bird will reach there first
The wind is cold but his aim is bright
He doesnt feather away of the stones that were pelled
He sings song of the warriors he puts in a fight..

He tries to fly ..,each day all the way
From hills to the rivers
From every sand to each bay
He gets no rest no help no stay
His heart guides him all
doesnt complain but prays

And he finds his way struggling someday
The troubles the pain all wither away
And the peak when he reaches he looks  at the world
The men who tried to pull him down
Are singing songs of his glory day!
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