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Jackie White Sep 2015
You ******* lied to me.
you said you loved me.
you said i was the only one.'
you said you feel for me
and that you cared.
you told me you loved me.
and i believed you
**** aubrey. the lying cheating ****.
Jackie White Jul 2015
Your laugh brings out mine
i miss it so much
the way you would lean back as you laughed to a joke
you say you hate it
something about it not sounding right
but to me
its perfect
i miss him. his laugh is only part of it
Jackie White Jun 2015
Why me?
Of all the girls in this is school
in your new one.
in your life
in your neighborhood.
why choose me?
youre an amazing person
and i have enough insecurities to supply a large business company.
But you choose me to hold you.
to love you.
and i will forever question the blessing of your love
because i never get blessings
not on this level
Jackie White Jun 2015
Words are not my thing.
Especially about you.
After all the time we spend together,
all the words exchanged,
none can even begin to express
exactly how i feel about you
about us
Hmm i love him so much
that doesnt even begin to show it
Jackie White Jun 2015
I look past your darkness,
your demons,
and i see your light,
your angels.
And they are here to save me.
Jackie White Jun 2015
I love you so much.
You are not alone anymore.
Let me help you fight your demons
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