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Once there was a story

About a man who has no glory

His eyes can't even see the sun

Supposed to knows not the meaning of fun

But he never buried hate into his heart

Instead, he seeded love from the start

Gentle Prayers though darkness invades a sunny sky

Knowing the sun will show, when life says goodbye

His story was written in a very

Inspiring golden book

Only perceptible to those

Whose heart knows... how to truly look...

8:11 PM

April 25, 2016

Poor, poor angry soul.
What's the secret to your control?
Like Banner said staring blankly.
"There is no secret.... I'm always angry."

Angry about what the world has become.
Why society only favors some?
We are becoming a people without love.
Following the eagle instead of the dove.

Angry about the reason poverty thrives
Why the rich get richer like they're breaking out in hives?
Angry about our economy breaking down.
Doesn't matter who's fault it is...
White, Black, Yellow or Brown.

Angry about why people can't find a job.
Leaving them to beg, borrow, steal and rob.
I could go on and on just hope I'm not on my own.
But for now I'll leave well enough alone.
i wish
i were as brave as the rain
they are not afraid to

when there is no one there to catch them...

they are the strongest, bravest and
saddest things I've known :(

-the thought "the rain are not afraid to fall" were not from me . :)
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