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Jun 6 · 201
Tears of the gods
Grace Willow Jun 6
With gentle fingers she molded the clay
Every line etched in was deliberate
Two eyes, a nose, a mouth
A face slowly began to form.

A warm smile, a youthful glow
Her creation was complete
She sent it off into the world,
Free to love and learn

The little person lived a great life
Yet something was never right
The nose, the eyes, the arms
An issue would be found

She heard the clay’s prayers to her
“Why did you make me this way?”
Golden streams fell from the goddess
Her creations never loved her back
I am not religious but sometimes writing like this can be fun. I hope this makes sense
Mar 6 · 99
Calling for Saturn.
Grace Willow Mar 6
You exist.
Far, far from here.
Your heart, your soul, and you.
You exist in a world light years away.
I want to hold you tightly.
And never let you go.
Discuss our pasts, and our intertwined futures.
Of the stars that aligned for us to meet.
Oh how the thought of touching your face makes me ache.
I want to be the one you hold dear.
So I’ll build a rocket ship, just for you.
To let our separate worlds become one, again.
Another bit of trying to sort through my emotions by writing them down. Decided to share as well.
Grace Willow Nov 2019
I want to hold your hand as we dance under the moonlight
Let ourselves be free
No fear of closeness or vulnerability
We can laugh and love
Yell out into the stars of another world
Letting the universe know that I’ve chosen you
But just your eyes on me is enough for me to choke and stumble
I just want the world to know that you’re mine
Grace Willow Nov 2019
It has been three days since my last confession
I beg you, Lord to listen to my prayers
Accept my words and let myself become new again
The holy spirit is a strong one, guiding me back to your light in times of great darkness
Yet today I fear I have strayed far from your light
Sister Marian was in a great deal of pain
I was unable to cleanse her of her true sin
Wayward souls are mine to correct, Lord, I know
But at times their sin is heavier then I may heal
So I only had one other way to truly cleanse her
Forgive me father please
She is in your hands now, her cleanliness immortalized.
We wrote about an unreliable narrator in creative writing, thought I’d share.
May 2019 · 141
Am I worthy of love?
Grace Willow May 2019
Am I worthy of love?
Tainted and bathing with sinners
Disgusting, unnatural.
The only thing a man will truly hate
How dare I mingle with their kind.
Ever long are the days words will pass only in hushed tones
If I had the voice I would scream aloud my thoughts
Let myself be free
But I am trapped in this chamber of normality
I may try my words, but no matter what I try
These pleas won’t stick to bare walls
My moms being homophobic so I made whatever this is :))))
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
Tell me I’m pretty
Grace Willow Feb 2019
Wrap me up in your words
Bury me in the warmth of you
Until I’m left with your scent for days
As I fall in love with you all over again
Dec 2018 · 490
Your lips are a poison
Grace Willow Dec 2018
Your lips are a poison, burning the back of my throat with the taste of you
But I can’t help but crave just one more sip.
Feb 2018 · 126
Wandering one
Grace Willow Feb 2018
To leave this world and fly away.
Those are the dreams of the wanderer.
Jan 2018 · 149
Grace Willow Jan 2018
The walls are bare!
The room, blank.
This is the end, my friend.
I can not handle the amount of white.
The lack of colour.
I glance at my walls
A moment of panic.
Have I been robbed?
But heavens no.
I just redecorated.
And I hate it.
Jan 2018 · 182
Why me?
Grace Willow Jan 2018
You laugh at my horrible jokes.
You claim there is beauty in the mess that is me.
You find talent in my basic self.
You love me, no matter how bizarre I find it.
And all I can do is ask.
Why me?
I haven't written poetry in like 3-4 months and so this is pretty crummy but that's okay honestly.
Nov 2017 · 130
Grace Willow Nov 2017
In this point of my life you are so much more than a pretty face.
Oct 2017 · 294
I want.
Grace Willow Oct 2017
I want to hold your hand.
And your hand only.
I want to call you mine.
But I've never done so before.
I want to sit with you,
Beneath the dark night sky.
I want to listen to your voice over the phone.
Midnight passing hours ago.
I want to wake up to your good morning messages.
And fall asleep to your good night.
I want all these things.
Thing I may not need.
Yet yearn for, nonetheless.
I'm in a sort of mushy mood right now because consistency doesn't exist.
Oct 2017 · 237
The forbidden flame
Grace Willow Oct 2017
We had more than a spark.
We were a raging fire.
The biggest the world had ever seen.
But I wasn't ready to burn.
Oct 2017 · 309
Grace Willow Oct 2017
I'm homesick for a home I've never been.
Yearning for a place that is found on no map.
Longing for the nonexistent.

- forever a traveller.
Oct 2017 · 1.2k
I used to be a dreamer
Grace Willow Oct 2017
I used to be a dreamer.
I used to dream about us.
Dream of us under the stars.
Us kissing under the moonlight.
Us dancing in the rain.
Your tired face against a pillow.
Hours of movie like scenes
That I used to dream about.
Yet I dream no more.
I haven't done any of what I wrote, the words just came together this way.
Grace Willow Jun 2017
There is only so long you can look up at the stars
Before you are no longer thinking about stars.
Before you're thinking of what you need to do tomorrow.
Before you're thinking of how little of your future is planned out.
Before you're thinking of the most insane of things.
Before your thoughts overwhelm you.
And you need to take a break.
Think of simple things.
Of simple times.
When life was easier.
Everything was easier.
Because sometimes you need to take a break.
It helps.

— The End —